Monday, March 26, 2007

Auntie Kim's Restaurant Pte Ltd

Auntie Kim's Restaurant Pte Ltd @ 265 Upper Thomson Rd not as great as people have been saying. Lynx, Rice King and myself went over and were kind of disappointed as the bbq meat wasn't that great of a cut and the prices aren't considerably cheap.

We had the spicy beef soup (yookee jang) ... which wasn't spicy at all. The pancake (pa jeon) wasn't bad ... but the rest I must say wasn't really up to par. We wanted to order the yuk hwe but they didn't have it that day, perhaps they know their cut and the meat wasn't that fresh to serve.

Will get back with the pictures and more details once I have more time.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Baseballs Can B Eaten!!!!!!

We went to d railway station jus behind my house dere.... Tanjong Pagar dere.... fer lunch yestaday (Sat). Dat place got many many many many many Malay food to eat one. & d coffeshops open very very very very late... or issit 24 hrs? I dunno la.... But lewk wot I got to eat!!!!!!

K la... D pikture is nowt very clear (at all) cos we din use a v gewd fone to tek it.... But it's dis GIANT bergadil (deep fried potato fing) in mee soto soup. It's calld Baseball Soto & apparently is a weekend special oni.... But I saw d baseballs bein displayd onna weekday before lei... Anyways, I was aktualli expectin it to come wif noodles, but luckily it din lor.... SO FILLIN!!!! I was veri happi, becos I lyk to eat potatos one. Inside got minced mutton asso. Dis mutton is nowt as smelli & strong tastin as mutton normalli is. It was a gewd meal... $2.50 oni summo! Jian had nasi padang. I was asso watchin dis malay family eatin lunch... Dey ate ALOT! Dey ate ayam penyet (smashed-fried chicken) wich I thoroughly recommend too.... Dey come wif lesser portions of beancurd & tempeh dan say Lucky Plaza outlets, but d price is much much betta.... And da sambal chilli dey serve with da fried chicken is delicious n FIEEERRYYYY! The kind dat makes u wanna finish all the chilli, but will start perspiring, dripping from temples. Dunno wot else dey ate asso, but I saw 2 gurls sharin one big curry puff before d meal & one afta... dun ask me... I'm fatta dan dem lei....