Tuesday, July 31, 2007

HOOTERS - such a disappointment


Expensive, no nice things to see or eat ..... haizzzzzzzzzzzzzz .... at least the champagne was cheap! Other than that ... nothing else to write about.

Wings sub-standard, goto Handle Bar if you like really good Buffalo Wings or even Jerry's, Billy Bombers is nice as well! The so called reallhy spicy Buffalo Wings can't match up ... if I can say it's not spicy, well there you go, it ain't spicy!!!! ................................ ARGH ...................... WELL KNOWN .............. eeekkkk ........................

What else did we eat? Hmm lemme see ... Seafood Sampler Platter ... PATHETIC!

And why is it that they don't have their FAMOUS Steamed CLAMS everytime I ask for them .... I mean come on, their supposed to be famous for all this stuff aren't they? So why don't they have them???

I think the main people at HOOTERS from MIAMI should come down and check out how pathetically bad the food here is ... not to mention, the gals aren't too pretty also ... the best gals, are still down in Miami!!!!!!

I don't have any pics ... I think someone else has them, so will wait for them to post!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Fish Tales - Clark Quay

Actually I first knew about Fish Tales awhile ago, I was introduced by a friend that is mad crazy about oysters as well! They were having their Weds $1 Oyster special.... I had been there many times in the past year ... never really enjoyed any of their other dishes until ....... recently when I went back with Satellite.

Initially we were on our way to Hooters, and had already been seated inside Hooters; unfortunately, they told us, no steamed clams and no oysters, all sold out .... or something like that ... couldn't really understand the accent on the waitress. Oh yah, and the waitress didn't really understand what I was saying so ..... let's leave it at that ... Yes I was frustrated! I had gone all the way down and they didn't have the things I really felt like eating .... Poor Satellite had to deal with my childishness and my walking off to look for another restaurant .... Yes I can get quite rude at times ....

So low and behold, we went to fish tales cause I knew I can get oysters there! Anyway, well what do you know ... Monday's is special for lobster .... my lil crustacean friend .... yummmy .... and finally finally it was from BOSTON and I didn't have to chop off my arm to pay for it!!!

So Satellite and I shared a half dozen "nude" oysters, crab cake (wah it was huge!) and of course my BOSTON LOBBY .... STEAMED not BAKED! I don't know why but so many people mess things up when they bake it .... Oh and of course oysters goes with Bubbly, so we tried a bottle of bubbly, Odette Pol-Roger. It was nice, no wonder Winston Churchill was a long time customer...

Seriously though, 1 crab cake can be considered a meal there for those of you that don't eat much ... The lobby had a lemon butter which I didn't quite like, so I asked them to just give me some plain melted butter .... I feel that's the best way to eat it. Oh yah, and I forgot to take the pic of the lobby ... I was too excited to eat the darn thing ... so here's the mega huge crab cake!

As usual my photos suck ... gotta get a real camera sooner or later!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Ambush (Strange Name fer a Place to Eat at, Dun Yew Fink)

Dis pasta place lewkd quite popula. & dey had interesting sounding pastas (considerin dey are jus a casual dining place) lyk Slippa Lobsta & Scallops wif Fish Roe, of wich de latta I had on Friday. De tables are furry close togetha tho & de staff ask if yew dun mind sharing a (already squeezy) table wen it's beezee. Yew jus can't say 'no' wen yer starving & if yew say 'no' wen yer already seatd, yew will seem v ungrateful. Correct? Anyways... abowt de food....

Jian's Swedish Meatball Spaghetti in Marinara Sauce ($8.80) came 1st (I fink). Twas on promo, but ONI wif spaghetti. So if yew orda it wif linguine, dey charge yew de normal price (wich is lyk $10, I fink). Asso, de boy at de cownta din tell Jian so. I fergot to tell Jian cos my mind was driftin all ova de place. Until lata. Den he changed it to spaghetti lor. He says the marinara sauce tasted abit weird cuz it tasted a bit of BBQ sauce. De meatballs (I had one) were kinda dry lei.

De Seafood Platta (ferget how much) came 2nd (I was starving liao). I haf neva bin so grateful to see a supa cheesy (ie. fattenin) dish in my whole entire life! 2 kinds of shellfish, prawns, squid & 2 kinds of fish in a creamy sauce. I can oni identify 1 type of shellfish (mussels) & 1 type of fish (salmon! MWAHAHAHA). I ate alot of salmon.

My Scallops & Fish Roe in Cream Sauce Fusili (can't rememba how much. $11.80 or summat). Fer a cream sauce, twas kinda watery. Twas ok, I suppose. I lyk de fish roe cos dey pop wen yew bite em. WAHAHAHA.

Yew pay at de cownta wen yew orda & water is self service. Afta yew pay, de staff will arrange fer seats fer yew. Yew mite haf to share. Oh wellsk. Dis is at de basement of Ngee Ann City one. Mo to de back, near d checkout countas fer de supamarket. Yew can go to their pretty website http://www.ambush.com.sg/

Thursday, July 12, 2007


Far East Shopping Center Rakuichi, has a wonderfully nice staff, Grill Chef - Gary and Sushi Chef - Henry are exceptionally nice. They'll recommend you which foods to eat and tell you how to eat them! Sit at the sushi bar, it's nicer cause you can chat with the chefs, and perhaps if you are lucky get free food!

They are a traditional Japanese restaurant, some of the things on their menu will be difficult to find elsewhere; by the way, this place isn't cheap at all! Less the Sake, the bill would have still came out to be about $130ish.

1 Sawa Gani Karaage - $10.00 - Little Fried Swamp Crabs (can be eaten alive as sashimi dish also)
1 Asupara - $3.00 - Grilled Asparagus
1 Gyutan - $8.00 - Grilled Cow's Tongue
2 Tebasaki - $6.00 - Grilled Chicken Wing
2 Buta Kakuni - $8.00 - Grilled Simmered Pork
2 Bishomen - Large - $32.00 - Sake with a tint of sweetness, leaveas a bit of a sour after taste.
1 Hamachi Belly Sashimi and Fresh Aji Sashimi - $80.00
1 Hiraki Nasau Dangaku - $8.00 - Grilled Eggplant Whole
1 Tofu Mentaiko Cheese - $13.00
Service Charge 10% - $16.80
GST 7% - $12.94
TOTAL ----> $197.70

I must say though, as Satellite also knows, I don't usually eat Aji, Japanese Horse Mackerel cause I don't like the taste of it; there's the particular smell to it and a particular texture that I don't like ... but low and behold, I have found the Aji that has blown away my typical attitude towards that fish. Such a small fish, so little meat .... but at least at Rakuichi, they deep fry the carcass for you so you can enjoy the rest of the fish, as well as they add a few extra sweet fresh water mini prawns around the dish for you as well.

Delicious and sumptuous a meal it was!

Another must try is the Buta Kakuni --> It's pork belly which is simmered in a sauce, then placed onto the grill again ... topped off with a bit of sweet like yakatori sauce. Yeah yeah I know, I'm not the biggest Yakatori fan either, but it was nice, and honestly, I've never had this before! I'm so naive to the world of food ... so much more things for me to try!

Another great hit I must say is the wonderful tofu mentaiko cheese, it's a tofu, that is baked on a hot plate with a codroe cheese sauce on top. This dish was nice, but I feel that the tofu could be a bit firmer, it's a bit too soft. And yes my picture does it disjustice.

Ah if you ever ordered the minced raw tuna (maguro no tataki) , it's usually with rice and a raw quail egg (maguro no tataki don), however they served us just a bowl of minced tuna with some warm seaweed to roll it in ourselves. I got to say, it was delightful!

Here's a recipe for Maguro No Tataki Don courteosy of http://www.deliciouscoma.com/archives/rice/ --> there's a lot of good recipes here check it out!

Maguro no tataki don (Minced Tuna and Herbs on Rice)
Serves 2
5 oz/150 g sashimi-quality raw tuna
1/2-inch piece of ginger, grated
1 1/2 Tbsp chopped green onion
1 myōga bud, thinly sliced
1 shiso leaf, thinly sliced(or substitute 2 Tbsp fresh herbs for myōga and shiso)
1/4 tsp soy sauce, or to taste
1 cup freshly-cooked Japanese rice
1 quail egg or 1 organic chicken egg yolk

Goma Ice Cream - they make their own ice cream, the milk they used actually tasted like Hokkaido milk, as their is a rich creamy sweetness to the milk, the black sesame, was a bit weak, as they should have added a bit more. All in all, although I rarely eat ice cream and deserts in general, I enjoyed it.

The Fried Swamp Crabs were ok, but I think I'd like to try the live one next time, as it's too crunchy to actually enjoy it ... seeing that it's $10 for a plate of 5, you're better off buying the Japanese snack, although that definitely has a whole lotta preservatives.

The only fall back for the evening was experiencing a slight black out period, however the staff rectified that within a minute of the blackout by placing little birthday candles on glasses for all the patrons. I must say, it was quite romantic.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Basil Alcove (Me Lyks to Eat mah)

I gawt me a propa job. So on de day dat I gawt it, Jian said he'd bring me to eat nice fings. He's lucky I neva insist on EXPENSIF nice fings, ok.... I oni askd fer REASONABLY PRICED (akcherli, is considerd cheep liao, fer de food) nice fings. BWAHAHAHA... So we end up here, yet once again.... wif.....

A Mixed Sausage Platta ($11.80). I FINK is 3 kinds of sausages.... Mebe is 2 kinds of sausages. Can't realli tell la. Lotsa greens too! Is sausages lor. Me lyks sausages. (Jian says: Was dressed in a Caesar like dressing. Pickled red cabbage on top. Served with toothpicks.)

Pork Knuckle in Aspic (again)... ($9.80). We ate before liao. Dis one is funni-shaped cos it is eitha d head or d tail end of d fingy. (Was sliced out of a big sausage-like roll (like ham). I think supermarket deli section also have.)

His Shrimp wif Orange Basil Pesto Pasta ($8.80). I din realli taste much orange innit. Mebe he did. (Jian says: Many Many Prawns!! Too bad they had their tails on)

My Avocado Chicken wif Peach or sumfing liddat ($7.90)!!!! So gewd! Yew mus eat de chicken togetha wif de avocado & tomato bits & asso de peach!!! De flavours go so well togetha! Now, we are oni left wif de pork ribs to try.... I dunno if i realli lyk to eat pork ribs tho..... Dat's prolli why I din orda it & ordad d chicken, wich I haf eaten before, dat nite. So liddat lor....

(Jian says: It was a Thursday night and business was good. They seem to have increased their capacity by placing more tables outside their neighbouring unit. However, I think their kitchen may not able to keep up - our appetizer of mixed sausages platter was only served to us after we were almost done with our maincourses. Oops. But of course, this is just a casual eatery that doesn't charge us service charge.)

Ikukan @ Club St

Twas de nite of awr anniversary. I wantd to eat Japanese. He brot me to Ikukan to eat high class contemporary Japanese food. FWAH! Nice lei! Dis food is de died-&-gone-to-heaven-&-came-back-down-&-went-back-up-to-heaven-again kinda. Jus lewk!!!

My starta of d $62+++ set. I ferget wot is calld... dunno wot prefix set la, but am FURRY sure dat Jian will rectify it fer me wen am nowt arownd. (Jian says: Ok, it's Prix Fixe. Meaning fixed price set. We got to select 1 dish each from 4 courses - 2 appetizers, main and dessert) Oysters wif a special (& dam yummi) sauce. I can't tell wot's inside, but Jian says dat dere is radish inside.
His sashimi salad starta. Nowt bad la. De sauce asso nice one. (Jian says: and bursting Salmon Roe too. In Japanese Sesame Dressing)

My panfried black peppa (and pink peppercorns) maguro slices wif mashd taters at da bottom. Is seard one, so inside is still raw. NYUM!

His baked hotate. Creamy sauce one (dam fattenin) wif brinjal & sum otha vege inside asso. Nice tho. (Delicious Scallops, Prawns and Eggplant covered in baked melty garlicky creamy cheese sauce) De brown rice dat I chose to haf wif my set. Jian chose white rice. Dun fink one nids a pikky of dat one. Dere are red beans in me rice. So Jian finishes his white rice & kips pickin on mine. I grumbled abit la, but I coon finish it anyways... LOL

My steak slices (Beef Sumiyaki)!!! Again, is jus seard on de outside. Dos lil dollops of sauce are mustard & a mystery (slightly spicy) sauce fing. I din ask wot it was la. De beef so nice! Cannot tek bites out of it one... Mus stuff de whole piece into de mouf... Of cos, I cooda cut it up 1st, rite? WRONG. We were oni provided wif chopsticks, so bo bian. AHAHAHAHA. Not say I purposefulli wantd to be barbaric & de lyks, ok.

His codfish. I noticed dat Jian's reacshun to fish is alwayhs... mediocore. De las tym, he described my salmon as... jus tasting lyk salmon. He said pretti much de same fing fer his cod. I suppose he wishd dat his cod cooda bin mo exciting. BUT DEN.... cod is meant to taste lyk cod.... Oh wellsk... (It was done to the right doneness and wasn't overcooked, hence retained it's delicious cod texture and flavour)

My green plum granite. Is actualli green plum sherbet la. Say until so cheem, I thot wot all. Supposed to be wif green plums, but dey ran out, so dey replaced it wif froots. Nice la. Afta a heavy meal, I thot twas ok.... unlyk.....

Jian de piglet, who HAD to haf sumfing chocolatey. Chocolate fondant fing. Was FURRY chocolatey! ("Piping Hot Chocolate Fondant" - Molten Oozing Chocolate Cake)

Wash it all down wif cold sake. NYUM. Dat signifys de end of my sake phobia circa 2 birfdays ago.

Siiiigh. So GEWD!!!!!!!!! (Yes, honestly everything was really delicious.)

Monday, July 02, 2007

Chinatown NY Midnight Supper

I totally forgot to post these pictures up when I returned from the US. The night after my Mom's surprise party, I went down to Chinatown for supper in the middle of the night with one of my Mom's friends ... my friend ... easier put, family friend that keeps my skin looking beautiful!

2 People ate like 5 dishes ... of course there was a soup, which I don't remember what type of soup it was but it was very nice! I think it was some turtle soup or some type of soup that I don't know how to make at home ... apparently afterwards I found out that their sharksfin is superb ... darn should have ordered that!

The pics are a bit blurry but anyway I was very happy, I got to eat my perriwinkles (chut chut), one of my favorite seafoods ... I think it's fun to eat or something!

Then of course we also had the Fried Pigs Intestine that I long and crave for cause I haven't really found a place in Singapore that really does it the way I like them ... I think I finished the whole plate .... muahahahahahaha .... Of course the photos of the things I really really like to eat must be big big one!!!

Oh yah ... and we had some healthy stuff too! Veg with preserved bean curd, the thing that people call Chinese Cheese ... yummy ... it's a very savory taste ... and the smell I guess it's like an acquired smell ... kind of like belachan. Then some nice tofu that is pan fried and then steamed in a nice sauce ... not really sure how they do it but it was very smooth .... yum yum when I go back, I gotta go back to this restaurant which I don't remember the name but I know how to walk there!