Sunday, February 25, 2007

Billy Bomber's Jurong Point

We had dinna at Billy Bomber's, as d foodcourts at Jurong Point were (as dey ALWAYS are on Saturdays, Sundays & mealtimes everyday) full. I wantd my beef tendon wif rice set tho... Sniff... On hindsite... we cooda bot our food n gone home, rite? Or we cooda gone to Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao to guzzle XLPs. Anyways....

We shared everyfing. Dis is d bowl of chili ($6). I prefer d one at Handlebar tho. It's mo liquid, wif mo beans n stuff & seems to be mo fragrant. Dis one was so-so, wif no particula distinctif taste dat sets it apart frem ground beef wif chunks of mystery meat & beans.

Nachos Scottsdale ($10). Ok oni, asso. D most excitin fing abowt it were d green chillis. D chicken was tuff-ish & tasteless. Nachos veri tasteless. Waste space one.

Mixed Grill ($21.90). Sigh. Chicken was dry & pretti tasteless, except fer d sauce. D beef fing was VERI tuff & miserable lewkin. Bacon was jus normal, accordin to Jian, cos I din eat it. Egg was not fantastic... Wot excitin fings to do to a sunni side up egg, except to NOT ovacook it, rite? I fink dis one was ovacookd. BAH! D oni nice fing abowt dis was d sausage. Potato salad cannot beat Satellite's one.

See d lousy ovacookd egg? See d succulent beef sausage? Was a v expensif nice sausage. Even so... I've had betta sausages... No nid to go back again & eat lo!!! YAY!

Hrm.... mebe d burgers are betta? Eeee... duwan to go back & try.....

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Valentine's Dinner at Hue Restobar

So it was Valentine's Day and I had made reservations at Hue Restobar at the Amara Hotel. It was supposed to be a surprise (surprise as in dunno what to expect, not surprise as in WOW!) for Sumdumful, except Simon didn't know it was supposed to be a surprise and told her I was gonna bring her here. Anyway, we have walked past this place several times but had never really paid much attention to it.

Hue Restobar (pronounced as 'Hway')
Our Vietnamese Restaurant and Bar, offers authentic Vietnamese cuisine in a contemporary and minimalist interior. It is the perfect setting for a sumptuous lunch, a romantic dinner or a relaxing after-hours hangout.

I had picked this place because they were offering an affordable set dinner including glass of red/white wine. I was expecting more of a Vietnamese menu (perhaps presented french style), but it turned out more like European food that's slightly Vietnamese influenced. Well, not that I'm complaining actually.

When we arrived, the restaurant looked pretty good with its minimalist decor in dim lighting and rose petals strewn around on the floor. However, they were playing mushy love ballads which made me cringe at times. Sitting through an entire dinner with mushy love songs is overkill and unbearable if you ask me. I really hope they play better, more appropriate music like chillout, lounge music on normal days as the ambience would have been a million times better!!

We were the first to arrive, which was good in the sense that it kept the suspense for us as we couldn't see beforehand how the next course would be served. I'm sure we must have spoilt the fun for the rest of the couples everytime our courses arrived! Bwahahahaha!

They promptly served us our wines when we sat down. The first course was Roasted Pumpkin Soup with Seafood Quenelle. The soup was very delicious and it an excellent smooth, creamy consistency. The Seafood Quenelle is something like a poached dumpling made with mashed seafood - a bit like a soft fishball with seafood flavour.

The next course of starter was this Warm Salad of Scallop and Endives Duck with Grand Marnier. Interesting flavours nicely presented. It made me look forward with anticipation to see how the rest of the courses would be like. Sauce can look sexy sometimes if drizzled sexily on a plate.

This was my choice of Main Course - Spring Chicken simmered with Red Wine and Grilled King Oyster Mushrooms. I wasn't sure there were any Grilled King Oyster Mushrooms on my plate though. I think the chef somehow decided to serve it with Sumdumful's Cod instead. :-S

The aforementioned Sumdumful's Grilled Cod Fillet with Braised and Crayfish Sauce. The slices you see are probably the grilled king mushrooms that should have been on my plate. HAHA. The cod was delicious. OK, actually, cod is almost always delicious, but this cod was pan seared perfectly and the sauce complemented it beautifully.

Eat finish already. Full. Burp.

Dessert - Champagne Sago Soup with Summer Fruits. We couldn't really taste any champagne in the sago. The summer fruits were an assortment of berries (strawberries, raspberries, blackcurrents etc) cooked with sugar until the juice reduces into a sauce. However, it was way too SOUR. Not enough sugar.

Ok, at least the Chocolate Pralines were nice.

One glass of wine each is never enough for us. We also drank some draft Hoegaarden.

Yes, this "I Love You" cushion is mushy. But not my fault, it's free! At least I HOPE it is, cuz I took it from the table. And it's smooth and nice to squeeze.

Overall, it was a pretty good experience, the food was good and thumbs up for the service. Pity about the music though. *EEeWWW*

Monday, February 19, 2007

See Dis One Eat Porridge....

We had lunch at d porridge buffet place at Suntec dat day. Dey got many many types of fings to eat... Sum of dem are bo liao fings one.... Lyk shriveld potato wedges.... How to eat potato wedges wif porridge? Mebe is fer lil kids to eat one.... Got 3 types of porridge to eat.... One is d Cantonese style porridge, thick, thick one... If am nowt mistaken, is got chicken inside one. Den yew add otha fings inside one, lyk century egg, braised peanuts & spring onions. De otha 2 are d plain porridge & sweet potato porridge. Teochew style, rite?
Dis is Jian eatin d plain (I fink) porridge. He dun lyk to eat porridge one. He is d blind bat who din see d plain rice dat dey asso have... WAHAHAHAHAHA...

He doesn't lewk too unhappi here ma...

Wah... eat untill shiok, shiok, still can rememba to wipe mouf afta dat.

Dis buffet is only $9.80 NETT per person and got many many fings to eat. Eat until burst.

Lunch at Black Angus!!!!!

Jian brot me fer lunch at Black Angus at One Fullerton down dere,one day. Twas wen he had sum free days during reservist, jus before he went fer his week-long jungle exercise. Yucky one... Cannot bathe & mus dig hole in d ground to shit & derty, derty fer 7 days one.... He came back wif many, many bites.... Very arglee (ugly) one....

Anyway, we had the set lunch. It was $21.90+++ per person for Soft Drink, Salad, Soup, Main Course, Dessert & Coffee/Tea. Good value!

Dis d caesar salad... Dis is d portion fer d set lunch meal. De normal portion is prolli bigga, wif mo fings inside. Yew can choose caesar salad or garden salad. Caesar jus seemd mo appealing la. It was just iceberg lettuce in caesar dressing and no toppings.

I had d baked potato soop. Yummi. Bacon bits on top & chunks of potato inside d aready creamy potato soop... Yew choose between dis or.....

Stuart Steak soop.... Jian's choice of soop. Is lyk a stew liddat one... Nice asso...

For Main course we had Prime Rib of Beef! I fink yew cood also choose Chicken Teriyaki, Baby Back Pork Ribs, Salmon or Fish Fritters. (The main course selection at the Orchard branch is different though). Yew cood choose between baked potato (wich is wot we both had), mashd potato or fries. Both our steaks were medium rare. I wantd to try a rare steak, but Jian lewkd so appalled dat I decided to play it safe wif d medium rare steak. Nice.... Jian finks dat d black sauce dat yew see is d juices frem wen dey cookd d steak.

SEE!!! I finishd my food!! All dat's lef behind is d FATS....

My dessert. Chocolate ice cream. Wif my choice of dwink... tea...

Jian chose d cake (yummi one... yummia dan a lousy ice cream, but I was realli full anyway, so i let Jian have it wif his cake) & a coffee. Earlier, we had a choice of soft dwinks as well... He chose coke & I had an ice lemon tea. Not bad lei, dis set lunch...

A Yummi (Albeit Late) Dinna

Satellite cookd dinna fer us one nite.... We ate at 10pm (or wassit 11pm? 1030?). Anyways, twas yummi. Thai style scallop salad & spaghetti wif sausages (gewd sausages, nowt crappy chicken franks n wot nowt).

Dis is (or ratha, was) d salad. Pretti huh? Twas gone in no time. D sauce was pretti spicy tho... but we greedily added mo & mo sauce. Yummi ma... But anyway, I cannot tek it too spicy one... I wood lyk to, but I cannot... so dere...

I din tek any piks of d spaghetti tho... Is a pity... Eat, eat, eat aready conveniently ferget to tek pikture... Nowt oni did it gif d fiery thai sauce a gewd dousing, but twas yummi as well.... I cannot rememba if I went fer a second helpin anot...

A Preetti Platta

See dis??

Is Jian display one. Ackerli, dis post is long ovadue lo..... Twas done nowt long afta he won sum prize fer food display frem his company... Sum nonsense outing dat staff haf to go fer la... De prize asso not gewd one.... Is force yew to spend munni kind one... Cos is a discount onna cookin course of his choice, I fink... Or sumfing liddat one... CHIH..... So he neva collectd on his prize.... Anyway, even Satellite said dat twas a very preeetti platta.... & she's da one who teks a long time to slice/chop/dice veges & stuff cos everyfing mus lewk perfekt one.... ehehehehehe.

Nar... Gif yew see close(er)-up.



Monday, February 05, 2007

The most disappointing Hot and Sour Soup!

Bei Fang Feng Wei over at Smith Street next to the ever so raved about Mala Steamboat place we usually write about has ultimately depressing Hot and Sour Soup!!!!

The Hot & Sour Soup had a "sai" flavor to it because the bamboo shoots were not clean, but no complaints about the service as the lady boss was nice enough to deduct it off the bill since we only had 2 spoonfuls of it. Continuing on, I also would advise you not to order the Xiao Long Bao, it's not bad for a non-Xiao Long Bao connoiseur, but if you are into eating Xiao Long Bao's advoid that place, the skin is a bit too tough, and the pork meat just doesn't melt in your mouth; honestly, I can even say that I think that Din Tai Fung taste better than the one's I had this afternoon. In the filling they use carrot and cabbage .... and the meat just had no taste to it... yes there was a great deal of soup but no taste!

We had 2 different noodles, the Zha Jiang Mian, which is quite ok but really I haven't found a nice one in Singapore, or even one that can match the one Mom makes ... I remember as a child we always had the Zha Jiang Mian from either this place called Cheong Hing or Lao Dai Kay in Flushing and Elmhurst respectively. Shant reminesce about days gone past, so I'll cut to the chase, the La Mian at Bei Fang Feng Wei is not bad at all, besides the Zha Jiang Mian, they've also got another signature noodle dish, you really should try it out, it's not bad at all!

1 Lunch and 2 Dinners

Brussels Sprouts
80 Mohammed Sultan Road #01-12 The Pier @ Robertson
Tel: 6887 4344

A beautiful day like Sunday landed me at Robertson Quay... my favorite hangout place on Sundays; you gotta love the ambience. And instead of coffee, tea or juices, we started with the typical breakfast for a sunday!

So the day of festivities started at Brussel Sprouts for lunch, really besides the beer being slightly reasonably priced, the food itself is no big hoohah... I mean honestly, the mussels that they so claim popularity for was smaller then the head of the fork ... basically pathetic ... now for some self praise ... I heard a few friends commenting that my impromptu sake mussels tasted better! Here are some pics for ya! Oh yah, the sausages were cut, so they look even more ugly then they actually are... hahahahaha ... One more thing to add, they have free flow fries with an order of mussels.

Unfortunate for you all, I didn't go out with my handy camera and was just using my phone to take pics, so the images are really off in colour.

Expensive food but cheap drinks and nice comfie decor, but I think you would rather stick to sitting inside cause the outside seats do get pretty warm. If you are looking for better mussels, you may want to try out Ooster at Pekin Street, I hear they have a good selection of Belgian beers as well.
Oosters' address:
25 Church Street, #01-04 Capital Square Three,Singapore 049482Tel: 6438 3210
And off I went with Lynx and Rice King to Crazy Horse for their last show, and of course I had to try the food before they closed ... so there we went for a rushed dinner! Ambience is lovely, love all the red and plush everything ... so cozy I wanted to sleep ... I mean honestly all of Crazy Horse is like RED, very classy not gaudy type.

The food was good, we had a type of crab meat salad which was deliciously done, and then shellfish bisque, which kind of tasted like penang prawn mee soup base, which we also loved; lastly we tried the steak (rib eye). Pretty much a thumbs up, too bad not many people knew about their restaurant ... from my understanding, there set lunches were reasonable.

I won't bother with posting up the address because they're closing down anyway and whatever takes over that spot will probably have a new kitchen crew and all.

I find it pretty disappointing that people don't know how to enjoy the Crazy Horse show as a type of French Art .... I mean honestly speaking the end of Crazy Horse may set back the education that Singapore has been trying to promote by maybe 2 years. Too early for their time, but of course the show does get stale if they don't do anything about changing the sets; however, that being said, Crazy Horse could have done more ... so I guess they weren't fully ready to take on Singapore and Singapore also wasn't ready for something like this.

Guess what, after the show and all, we were still having our little hunger pangs, so we went to search for food. We were supposed to go eat Naan, but then we came across Park 10, Korean Cuisine and Izakaya Bar.

Park 10, Clarke Quay, 3B River Valley Road, #01-14, Singapore 179021
Tel: 6332 1010

Last order is at 10:00 I think and restaurant closes at 11:00.

We ordered bbq beef ribs, pork collar neck, raw beef, and miso beef soup; all were pretty delightful. Unfortunately, the pricing is still pricier than our favorite Da Chang Jing, but what can I say, when you are craving for food, well you just gotta go eat it! Also they don't give as much side dishes :-( But to add to the plus part, the alcohol isn't expensive, we paid about $18 for a small bottle of sake. The thing about this place is I don't think they allow you to cook the food, so it's not as fun ... they have this big charcoal run bbq pit that they do all the bbq'ing in. Nice posh up class Korean joint!