Thursday, May 31, 2007

Qun Zhong Xiao Long Pao

I shood get Dracoholic out fer lunch mo often... Wen she's sick, she barely eats anyfing... leaving mo fer MEMEMEMEMEME! Especialli wen dere's XLP, I dun mind de least! Teeheeheeheehee!

LEWK! Nice to lewk at hor? Nicer to eat... Las time Jian did bring me here once.. I rememba nowt being furry impressd... I dunno why!!!!! So gewd!!! Mebe twas becos of d lack of variety of otha food... But D XLP!!! We normalli prefer d Crystal Jade XLP (non-peak hour) XLPs (cos during peak hours, d standard of XLPs drop a HELL of alot). I shood jus come here fer XLPs, since is so close to my home, anyways, rite?? Dracoholic-2, SumDumFul-5. BWAHAHAHAHA

We asso had d Zha Jiang Mian. Dracoholic ate one small bowlful & I polishd off d rest... BWAHAHAHAHAHA.... She says is too sweet tho.. I dunno lei... *quaff*.

Qun Zhong is at Neil Rd.... Kinda near 'The One' KTV.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

A Simple Dinna

Jian's folks ordrd pizza d nite before (Canadian 2-4-1... not furry tasty) so we had leftovas fer dinna yestaday. Jus pizza is BORING, so Jian whippd up a lil sumfing extra in d form of...
... roastd tomatos!!! D way he arranged it lewks lyk a face, eh? D 2 halfs wif d olives on top are toppd wif parmesan cheese.... D plain lewkin one is toppd wif d spiced gouda.... D spiced gouda one is nicer... Jian swears dat it tastes lyk meat... I'm nowt so sure abowt dat... Dey say dat tomatos are d oni (or one of d few) veges dat are mo nutritious AFTA being cookd... I dunno la... I jus hear peepul say oni...

Narh... D boring pizzas... Got 2 flavours... Can't fer d life of me tell wot flavours dey ar...

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Hog's Breaf (Monday No Nid To Werk One.. Bwahaha)

Nice view, hur?

Went out wif my 'Dunlop St Gang' on Monday. Monday bloos ma.... & asso, mad fren Karen was off... Mad Faith was tekin a break between jobs asso.... So we went to Vivocity to shop. & eat.

Hog's Breaf has promotions fer everyday. Mondays are d all day happi hour days. I dunno wot else fer every otha day. Apparently tho, d Hog's Breaf at Vivocity is jus a franchise. Dunno.. Dun realli care.

D set lunches are a real value fer munni (I suppose dey all are yar?)! Cheepa dan if yew orda it ala carte & it comes wif a soft drink (sprite, coke or iced lemon tea) & a starta (cream of mushroom soop, fish chowda soop, or garlic bread.... We had one of each! Jus nice eh!!).

My Steak Sandwich ($12 before all dat plussing). Huge! Much 'Hog's Tail' Fries! Salad fresh & green! Was actualli temptd to try d Chicken Dijonaise (got avocado one....LUV dat stuff!) but d waitress said dat it wood b a lil dry... fer $15.50, well, I thot I'd gif it a miss.... Yew can choose wot kinda potaters yew want wif dat (d Chicken Dijonaise), tho! Baked tater or mashd taters or Hog's Tail Fries.

Lewk! Fried (caremalised?) onions on top! Lewks juicy?? Yesh it IS!!!!!

Beetroot on d bottom, complete wif a slice of cheese!!!!

Mad Faith's Cheeseburga ($11.50). So Pretti, it is!! We were all furry impressd dat dey all came wif a slice of beetroot! We lyk to eat beetroot! Juicy!!

Mad Karen's Hawaiian Chicken Burga ($11.50). Furry pretti asso, but chicken abit dry... Chicken breast meat ma.... Pity.... But I did get warnd abowt d chicken breast meat aready ma...

Temptd as we were abowt d happi hour, Mad Faith & I refraind... Happi hour prices are oni 25% off regula price.... & dun ferget d plus-plussing.....

Sunday, May 20, 2007

I Can Cook!! Sorta

I made meatballs! Meatball soop!! Lewk! Of cos, I cheatd by using d packetd chicken stock fer flavour.... Duuh.. Wot yew expect.... Is me...

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Cookin at Home fer 2

We were feelin too slack to go beyond Jurong point today. Jian decided to mek impromptu pasta fer dinna afta alot of hemmin n hawin frem me... He wooda managed to persuade me to stay at home ANYWAY.... Luckily fer him, I'm quite easy la.

Aglio Olio Fusilli with 2 types of sausages. Dunno wot kind. Jus found it in d freeza & used em. Suspect is mystery chicken sausage (white one) & pork saucisse (brown one). I luv to eat fusili! Was temptd to get d giant spirals, but dis otha brand was cheepa.... Tri-colourds are so cute! Realli livens up a pasta dish! Asso present were coarsely cut garlic, black olives & cut-up chilis. Herbs used were oregano & basil.

Baked button mushrooms. Dis is my half, wifout mozzerrella cheese on top. D pic wif mozzerrella cheese is nowt nice to see... Dis pic is asso nowt very nice, cos mushrooms are lyk shrivelld up liddat... Anyway tho, d mushrooms tasted v gewd!

Afta dinna snack! Satellite bot dis before, many moons ago... She din lyk it, but I dun mind it... Becos of d cumin seeds, it gifs it quite a strong 'indiany' taste. Kinda a pungent, musky taste... I lyk d texture wen I bite into it asso....

Dunno wot Jian will cook fer us next week?

Ricciotti at China Square Central!!

D government forced me to tek my NSS munni back. So becos Jian is my tweets, I brot him to Ricciotti to eat... We've bin dere before, actualli. We were walkin past one fine nite & discoverd dat dey do 50% off deir pastry desserts afta 9pm & we mega piggd out... Anyways, I wantd to come here wif him on his burfday one, but he (being bloody Jian) had to go change d plans afta I'd mo or less settled on sumfing. Not jus dat time... he always does dat one. CHIH.

My Agnello - Lambshank with mashed potatoes and mint ($16.90)! So big, d lambshank! Alot of tender, tender meat!!! Notice d mashd potaters have a sprig of fresh rosemary stuck innit? Dat Jian kept stealin lil leafs of it frem me until I gave him a derty lewk! Tear dem up & mix it wif d mash! Is excellent!!!

His Lasagne ($14.50)! Nice asso. He finishd furry kwikly. I fink d portion mite have bin a lil small ah.

Cassata Siciliana ($5.90). I quote deir online menu, 'Smooth riccota cheese, dark choc chips & citrus froots in marzipan'. Is got marzipan & a citrusy flavour innit... I fink twas abit too sweet... Mebe I jus dun appreciate dis combination of flavours... Altho....

... I din haf a prob wif d sweetness of dis Duomo ($5.50 I fink)! D coatin is pepperd wif cinnamon powder & in d centre is a shell of chocolate, wich yew break open to reveal chocolate sauce! I quote online menu,'Mascarpone & spicy cream wif olive oil sugar dough'. So Yummi! I wish i'd orderd dat!!!!

My total bill fer dinna (plus a coffee dat Jian had) came up to abowt $50 (well, $47.sumfing, i fink... or wassit $49.sumfing... aw well). I took home d panna cotta & a duomo & a tiramisu as well... My aunt & granma enjoyd d panna cotta & duomo. My tiramisu wasn't so great. Abowt $9 afta 50%. Afta 9pm, d desserts go fer half price mah.

Bento Box Sets at Hue Restobar!!

Aaaaaaaah...... Wot lewks lyk a lazy, loungey evening.... Wif..... San Pelligrino inna wine glass??!!!
I had 'Blood Orange' & he had 'Lemon'. Comes 'free' wif d bentobox set. Doesn't he lewk lyk a midget?
My set came 1st... I had d 'Authentic Vietmanese Set'. Wow! Wot a spread!

Chicken sald fing... Dere was v lil chicken... all of 3 lil pieces...

Fried calamari rings. Not bad la.... Lyk unbreaded calamari rings lor... haahaa... Mind, all dese items are in sample size... Mebe even smalla dan sample size....

Stuffd Chicken Wing & Deep Fried Prawn Spring Rolls! Jian's Favourite dish is d spring rolls... Is nice n crispy! Tasty asso.... D Chicken wing impressed me cos d bones were taken out & dey restuffd d cavity dat was left behind... Fer presentation, I gif 8 points... Fer taste tho, I gif 2. Bland one.

My Beef Pho!!! Yum Yum YUM!!!!! Next time wen (& if) we go back to eat, I wan to eat JUS d beef pho!! At dis price, tho, mebe nowt so soon....

Black Glutinous Rice Pudding (i fink). Not bad... Lyk pulot hitam liddat. Afta dat heavy meal, I din want anyfing too sweet, & fankfulli, dis wasn't....

Cookin at Home fer 5

Wow! Wot a spread! All fer $10/head! No munni fer effort, of cos.... Nice anot? Yew see!! Dis was done 3 weeks ago! (By saying dat d food was done 3 weeks ago, I meant, of cos, dat d food was cookd & consumed 3 weeks ago. NOT dat d food has bin sittin on d table fer 3 weeks ah.)

Overall piccy.

Chinese Beef and Glass Vermicelli Salad... Yummi! Jian did furry well! I cut all d vegetables....
Roasted Veggies. I made dis!!!! I cut all d veges - Eggplant, tomatoes, onions, red & yellow peppers and mushrooms, mixed d herb & olive oil & stuck it in d oven! Actualli it wasn't salty enuff, but I jus added summo salt lata. All 5 of us wallopd d 2 trays I prepared.

D baked salmon.... Seasond wif garlic, lemon juic & olive oil. Yum. Jus nice!


Much effort it took, but nowt as much effort as it took us to mek noodles & dumplings d next week.... & it din even turn out as nice... Nowt bloggin abowt DAT meal!!

Ramen Ramen at Plaza Sing

Neva tried dis place before, but one of my frens INSISTD dat I shoon eat here, cos she got furry bad service before .... Sumone complaind abowt dem before on d Makansutra forum, as well... Anyways, we went, we ate, we came out alive... But come to fink of it, d manageress did lewk abit psycho....

Saba Shio... halfway eat, so dis is nowt d actual serving size... Tastes pretti much d same as most Saba Shios at most mid-priced jap eatin places.. I lyk, tho... I lyk to eat saba... NYUM.

Jian's ramen. I fink is calld 'Spicy Ramen'. Or issit 'Hot & Spicy Ramen'? Anyhow... I fink d soop seemd quite gingery... Jian does nowt agree... But I fink we both agreed dat d soop tased abit weird la.... He asso thot dat twas abit too spicy... Mite as well have gone to Beppu Ramen, rite? He shooda orderd wot I orderd, wich he wantd to, at 1st.... wich is.......

............d 'Ramen Ramen Ramen'. Tasty soop, tasty everyfing! Yum... I kindly let him drink d remnants of my soop... LOL.

I wood go dere again, I suppose, but we hvnt tried 'Noodle House Ken' yet tho... Ppl keep raving abowt d place... Prices are pretti affordable at Ramen Ramen...Gotta watch out fer psycho servers/managers tho... WAHAHAHA

Cha Cha Cha at Holland V

Ok, becos we were greedily reading dis blog sum time ago, we went to Cha Cha Cha to eat meskin (mexican la) food! Jian lyks dese kinda fings.

Free chips! Jus lyk eatbma mentiond!

Close-up of d Jalepeno Peppers. FURRY fattenin!!! Cheesey & deep-fried! D oil was OOZING out lyk nobody's biznezz!!

So sinful! Luckily (or mebe unluckily) we had 2 each....

My main dish.... Lewk... Dis meal was eaten such a long time ago, I can't rememba d name of d dish... All I know (& rememba) Is dat I ate everyfing, & dat dis meal was one of d most fattening meals I've had in my entire life! I fink d rice is calld derty rice, but i cood be wrong... Brown stuff is beans.... Green stuff is guacamole (duh). D guacamole is FURRY smooth n yummi!! Dere was alot of cheese, as yew can well see.... Oozing out all ova d place one... Mebe dere were mushrooms inside asso... Can't rememba.... Jian shooda orderd dis... He lyks 2 eat fattening fings.

Dis is Jian's. No loss by nowt ordering my dish... I FEENK dis dish is calld d 'Beef Enchilada'. I cood b wrong, tho.... See d amount of oil!!! He is abit huffy, cos it was quite a small serving.... He finishd his food much fasta dan me!

Overall, I fink d food was pretty yummi & furry, furry filling.... But it'll be a long time before we go dere again. Both of us are growin... sideways... Jian remembas Cafe Iguana to be less fattening... We mite go dere fer our next meskin meal....