Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Loke Woh Yuen

Not bad for a vegetarian restaurant!

We had the tomyum soup, although not spicy enough, the taste was nice.

Then we had this beancurd wrapped in seaweed that was fried, very nice but I prefer they just kept with sweet sauce rather than sweet lemon sauce. The lemon was overpowering the sweetness of the sauce.

On top of that we had eefu noodles, which you can't really go wrong on and then we had this supposed mock goose thing, but it looked awfully like fried beancurd skin. Even though it didn't look correctly, it tasted quite nice, however, it definitely is nothing compared to the real thing!!! I don't even think the real thing can get that crispy!

The Cliff - The Beaufort @ Sentosa

What can I say? The Cliff ... I don't know if the meal was costly or not, I would assume so seeing that it is located in the Beaufort, but serisouly if I paid for that meal, I'd just want to jump off a cliff.

The food wasn't brilliant or anything. You can get better on the mainland!!! The ambiance was pleasant and service was pretty decent considering we were a group of 16 people having dinner there!

Let's see I had some tuna nicoise dish, wasn't fantastic, I feel lots of places in Singapore actually make a better seared tuna nicoise dish.

Everyone had to take the soup, a Smoked Tomato Soup with Seared Scallop topped ... I didn't realize it was smoked until I got home, I thought the soup was burnt cause really it tasted chowda more than smoked!!!

Then I ordered the Beef Tenderloin with Risotto, the risotto was way too salty! I bet you lynx would've loved it. However, the beef was nice and tender ... duh what do you expect it is tenderloin afterall.

I ended my dinner with a cheese plate which wasn't fantastic, I think the cheese plate at Que Pasa had more of a variety and a better pairing of cheeses. Although I did enjoy the honey butter a great deal.