Sunday, December 05, 2010

Ye Shanghai (791 Bkt Timah Rd)

Dracoholic brought us for a yummy Shanghainese meal to celebrate someone's birthday. Oh what a yummy meal it was! Don't mind the creaking floorboards & teeny tiny toilet, though.

Oh what a sumptuous meal!

The starters all came together, which the staff placed on the edge of the lazy susan for easy reach. This is what we had:

Marinated jellyfish. This jellyfish dish consisted of bigger-than-normal chucks of jellyfish. I like this size of jellyfish, as it seems like a more substantial mouthful. Nice.

Wine chicken. The wine sauce is tasty, but I am not sure if the taste was infused into the chicken enough.

Marinated Japanese Cucumber. Abit spicy.

Vegetarian dish. Consisted of some sort of beancurd, mushroom & preseved vegetable.

Fried fish. Strangely, I liked this, as I don't normally like just any old fish dish.

Post starters (On to the main stuff!!):

Fish soup. They didn't cheat & add milk to make the soup milky. They spent hours boiling fish bones for the milky broth. Tasty.

Jews ears & clear noodle (I suspect it's made from sweet potato flour) in the soup. I was slightly annoyed to find fish bones in the soup as well, but I guess it can't be helped.

Mushroom, sea cucumber & bamboo shoot. Yum-O! I love all the ingredients in this dish & the best thing is that the bamboo shoots don't have that horrid smell to it.

Prawns. Done well. The prawns retained their crunchy texture. Dracoholic recommends a drop of black vinegar to go with it to bring out the taste of the prawns, but I may have dripped a drop too much & the vinegar over-powered the taste of the prawns. Oh well.

Cod Fish in Crab Roe Sauce. The sauce is excellent! Great dish!

Oh what is this cute little piglet?

AH! 3 Layered Pork. Served with the buns to be eaten together like a mini sandwich. I scraped off all the fats. Scarily fatty, it is.

Vegetable dish. Love the mushrooms & jews ears & wolfberries in it!
There was also a noodle to end the meal, as no Chinese restaurant sit-down meal would be complete without it. I did not take a picture, as I forgot, but the noodles were only so-so.

Shou La Shou (Hand In Hand) Beijing Restaurant

Shou La Shou is a little eatery inside the foodcourt on the 2nd level of Jurong Point 2. The Jurong Point of today is a far cry of when it first opened it's doors in 1995. Incidentally, the day it opened is the 5th of December 1995!! That's exactly 15 years ago today! The mall went through 2 major revamps, or rather, extensions, to expand to cater to the popular mall's traffic flow. It is the biggest suburban shopping mall in Singapore. Now if only they had a Daiso here.

Anyway, Shou La Shou....

Marinated Seaweed dish. Tasty, but not terribly mind-blowing.

Xiao Long Bao. Yummy. Nothing broke, soup intact. Worth it here.

Deep Fried Scallion Pancake. A tad chewy, which is not necessarily a bad thing. A tad oily, which I suppose can't be helped, seeing as how it IS deep fried.

Deep fried eggplant with pork floss. Ok, this is the bomb. The texture of the eggplant, crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. I don't normally like to rave about deep fried food, but I am very partial to eggplant, so..... I think it has something to do with the batter, but I don't know what.

Pan fried pork buns. These fellas were so-so. Nothing to rave about, but not horribly bad. Edible... Not terribly tasty, but it fills you up. The crispy bits on the bottoms of the bun are the best thing about this dish.

Our meal costed us $30+ (can't remember the exact amount), wich included 2 large bottles of Tsing Dao beer. There is another branch in Jalan Besar as well.

One thing I have to say though. It was dinner time & all, but the wait staff kept bringing items we did not order to our table. Like... Hello, there ARE table numbers on the order chit, right?

La Nona

Don't judge a book by it's cover. As in Don't judge a book by the wonderful looking menu and the nice tasting bread.

In general, La Nona was decent, but I would have much preferred to make my way back to La Braceria Pizza and Grill. I realized that most of the time reading reviews off of hungrygowhere may not bring you to a good restaurant. All taste buds are build differently I guess.

For an antipasto platter, I feel they need to work harder. This is a very normal platter that can be made at home. At least, they didn't need to be stingy with ingredients. I think Satellite can any day make a better platter than what you see here.

The pizza was not as delicious as La Braceria due to the lack of cheese. It wasn't as juicy and succulent; the sauce in general was weak.

I'm not a big fan of risotto, and am extremely picky when it comes to this dish because I don't really enjoy it in the first place. Most places do not get the doneness for the grains right. For me, what makes a good risotto is when the rice grain, although soft, will pop in your mouth when chewed. Secondly, the taste must be there, some risottos, you can just taste the cheese that is in the dish. You should be able to taste the infused main ingredients, i.e. mushrooms risotto, you should be able to taste the flavours of the mushroom, not only a hint of mushroom covered by the heavy creaminess of the cheese.

All in all I don't think I would go back there again. Too pricey for normal italian food.