Sunday, December 31, 2006

Basil Alcove (YUM)

Jian & I went to dat 'Basil Alcove' today, wifout advance booking. Twas full house, so we left his numba wif d waita & went to (a veri empty) 'Roomful of Blues' to hv a dwink whilst waitin. We had 2 pints of Erdinger (bottled one) for $22+++ ($25 sumfing). D bartenda was frenly tho...

Wen we went back afta gettin d call frem 'Basil Alcove', d pony-tailed waita was veri frenly & he went thru d chef's recommendations & wot's unavailable (d bratwurst sausage). Jian says dat he shood b a deejay, cos he speeks well & is very talkatif... He hisself asso said (wifout us promptin) dat he was, wen I was askin him abowt d 'The Beer to Dine For' beer. Came inna big (750ml) bottle as d small one is currently unavailable. Dis beer is speshulli designd to go wif food one, as it is less gassy (nowt flat hor) & FROOTY.... Yummi! 1 bottle $14.20... I fink... It's lyk a hybrid beer/wine dwink.

We startd wif a mixd mushroom plate fing ($6.80) Is shitake & button. Comes wif a balsamic vinegar wif olive oil dip. Nice... tho I wish d vinegar was a bit mo sticky so it cood adhere isself to d mushrooms betta... But I suppose is ok, cos we dun realli want d taste to ovapowa d mushrooms rite?

Den came d 1/2 dozen mussels ($4.80). Cookd wif garlic & got sum watery sauce. Nice asso.

Jian had de lamb rack ($16.80).... Drizzled wif interestin sauce (2 types I fink... one has marmalade. Wait fer Jian to wake up, den I will ask him again). Medium rare. TENDA!!!! SWEET!!!

I had d pan-fried cod ($16.80). D veges had pomegranate seeds thrown in asso. Dose lil red balls are d pomegranate seeds! Added sum zest to d dish... Of cos, d cod isself is aready yummi. Had carrot foam/froth!!! Dat's d yellow stuff dat lewks lyk it's oozing out of god-knows-where.... I fink it was supposed to be seated on top of d cod, tho... I've neva eaten carrot foam/froth before!! *faint*

We had between us, 1 Leffe Blonde ($6.90) & 1 Hoegaarden ($6.90)(330ml bottles) & a big (750ml) 'The Beer to Dine For' ($14.20).

Total bill: $74.20. No service charge one.

Happi Belated Burfday to me!!!

Yew lot shood try d Chicken wif Avocado & Peach asso. D dish oni costs less dan $10 (I fink is $7.90 or $8.90 or summat) & d peach goes VERY well wif d chicken n avocado (of cos rite, if nowt, he woon add d peach to d dish). I fed my fren a moufful & she almost faintd. (Akcherli, it sorta reminds me of TCC's Chicken & Mango Sannie. Similar concept.... Dis marryin of frooty flavours wif chicken is a veri gewd fing!!! *Pats my tum*)

De next time we go back to Basil, we gonna try d next 2 fings on d menu (werkin our way down bah)... D duck & d pork ribs......

Book in advance on Saturdays (& prolli Fridays too). Gets crowded.

Basil Alcove
190 Middle Road
#01-07, Fortune Centre
(S) 188979
(You got to walk out of the building. It is along Middle Road)
Tel: 63361318
Opening hours: 12pm to 10pm daily; closed on Mondays
I fink dey close fer lunch at 3pm tho... or sumfing... & re-open fer dinna at dunno wot time.

Jian said dat dere is anotha place around Bugis dat has a similar concept to Basil Alcove. Dat Xiaxue blogga was invited to eat dere. He wantd to try, but got turnd off by d restaurant's media-whore-ishness. I am goin to read abowt it now.... Lata den drag him dere n try.
Mind, I know dat d pikchures are nowt veri gewd... (Where's my trusty Sony Ericsson k750i wen yew nid it?? 2.o megapixels betta dan nothing...)
01/01/2007- Sorri. Bin informd dat dey open at abowt 12(+)pm to 2:30pm fer lunch & re-open fer dinna at 6:30pm fer dinna. Last ordas at 9:30pm.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Catering for Parties

We recently celebrated Eve's birthday party and instead of catering from outside, we decided to do it ourselves. Satellite, Lynx and I (Dracoholic) prepared the food for the evening. We told guests that there'll be canapes, and I guess most of them thought that meant there wouldn't be much to eat! Oh well, we did have a great deal of left overs because people went and had their dinner first ... boohoo too bad for them.

Anyway after this experience we've decided that we are open to catering for other people's parties; no more than 50 pax. Post on this site should you want us to quote you for an event you want to hold. We prepare the food only, if you want us to make your place look pretty and make sure everything is beautiful and professionally done, well we can do that too but you'll have to give us a bigger budget!

Look at the spread we had that night! We prepared both hot and cold canapes for everyone to enjoy!

Some more close ups for ya!

Well for the cold dishes you can see for yourself! We had our typical vegetable snack platter and our usual cheese and coldcut platter! Then of course we had several types of deviled eggs, crackers with crabmeat and tuna and wasabi mayo prawn cocktail, topped with caviar. Some quail eggs with sea salt dips. Cucumber cups filled with yummy stuffing and garnished with caviar, carrots, and turnips. Lemon grass beef wrapped in rice rolls with a thai dipping sauce.
The of course we had our hot dishes which definitely included wings, marinated in a I don't remember what I put in there type of sauce. Then there was muscles baked in a tomato cream sauce with yellow peppers for colour. Fried crabshells and potato wrapped prawns; last but not least we made crab rangoon, which everyone took to quite well. I was surprised because rarely will you find crab rangoon in singapore; and people probably think stuffing a wanton skin with cream cheese and crabmeat is a bit weird! Well people liked it so I'm happy!
We had some type of banana muffin which Lynx baked up but I don't think we managed to take a picture of that. We didn't take enough photos this time, but soon we will be having a tasting session at Curve to kick off our catering hobby. If you're bored with the food you get from outside caterers, give us a try. We put a spin on things!
Ah yes ... one more thing ... we achieved all the food preparations within 6 hours, that was inclusive of going to the supermarket where Satellite and myself didn't have time to browse at all ... we just rushed in and bought all the items we needed!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

I Wan Jian To Bring Me Go Eat.........

......... Thaksin Beef Noodles!!! We dun haf pictures becos wen d food comes, I will dig in straightaway, & Jian coon be botherd to, cos he doesn't fancy Thaksin very much :S Dat means I havn't eaten Thaksin Beef Noodles for a VERY long time!!! I know Satellite wans to try asso! I tell yew all ar... If yew orda d $3.50 bowl, it is quite nice, cos d soup dey use is VERY VERY tasty!! No m.s.g. & is very nice & herballi... But d cut of meat is nowt so gewd... Dey use d fatty bits (brisket?) & nowt so much meat, tripe & stuff... But if yew orda d $5 bowl, It has nicer meat (nowt so much fats one, Jian says dat is sliced beef, cos he's sittin near me correctin my mistakes & promptin me to say dis & dat), TENDON (my FAV), & dey realli do gif yew alot of meat... Jian tarpowd for me d $6 bowl on my burfday cos I was werkin dat day... Very nice!!! MANY MANY pieces of tendon!!!!!!!

Oh & d one we always go to is d one at Clementi. We tried once at d Seah Im Food Centre (opp Harbourfront), But dere was no tendon wif d $5 bowl & dey served d noodles in disposable plastic bowls & d utensils were asso disposable... Cannot mek it la....

Jian says to say dat dere is kangkong inside, basil leaves, d noodles day use is not noodles, but RICE NOODLES (He mite as well b d one bloggin)... Yew can choose between kway teow or beehoon... I havn't tried wif beehoon yet... Mebe WEN Jian brings me, next time (SOON) I will try d beehoon.... God knows, It prolli tastes d same!!!

Wen we eat thai beef noodles, we mus always put d 4 condiments dey supply. Chilli flakes, fish sauce, vinegar & garlic chilli sauce & sugar... (Asso Jian said to say one)

I mus rememba to tek a pic d next time we go!!!

It is located at d same coffeeshop as 'Brothers Rojak' (opp d OCBC bank) at:

Blk 449 Clementi Ave 3,

P.S. D next post shood b by Jian abowt 'Brothers Rojak'. He kips tellin me wot to write & how to write it & am dam fed up wif him. Is nowt fun bloggin abowt food anymo!!!!!

Update 30 July 2011:

Yes, we are still gong back to eat Thaksin. In fact, I had it twice this week already. My friend mentioned that the OX fish soup was good too & I might try it some day. A lot of people were having that as well, so it looks like a good bet. Anyway, a picture of the Thaksin beef noodles...

You can see my 2 pieces of tendon floating at the top already! They are more towards the bottom of the picture.. MMMM-MMMM!!! Still as good as ever!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Wham Burger!!!

And it first started with Chicken Burgers ... then they figured if we sell chicken burgers, we should sell fish, and if we're going to sell fish, we mind as well add beef to the menu too!

Wham! Burger, located at China Square B1 is serving up delicious east meets west type of burgers that are to drool for! Add there homemade chilli which is really spicy and you get yourself a chilli burger!

The owner states that all her burgers are made with a special and secret recipe ... and as much as I tried cornering her into the side of her kitchen to get the recipe but she wouldn't budge!

Although the burgers don't look like much, well you'll definitely go back for more, beats the likes of carl's junior, macs and BK! I mean it's real meat, that still is nice and juicy, with a mysterious blend of seasoning. Definitely everyone must try once, so anytime you are in the area of China Square or Far East Square that area, remember to drop by and be Wow'd by the burger that packs a punch WHAM! BURGER.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Mala Mala and More Mala

Hot fiery steamboat from Chongqing China has become quite a big hit in Singapore over the last few years. I think the earliest Mala 麻辣 — "numb and spicy" restaurants were the Magic of Chongqing Hot Pot19 Tanglin Rd #04-06/07 Tanglin Shopping Centre and the famous Bugis $11 Buffet Steamboat located on Beach Road. By the way, Beach Road itself has a few stores competing for business. I think we can name Bugis Beach Road area Steamboat Lane soon!!!!

Of late, there have been Chongqing Mala Steamboat places popping up all around the island and since we are such Mala freaks, we decided to review a few places.

So far, our vote goes to the latest steamboat place we've tried Chuan Jiang Hao Zi Steamboat (direct translation, Village Head Son's Steamboat) at Smith Street. The pricing cannot beat the Bugis joints but food is fresh and the mala has a very authentic and different taste from it. I can't say that it's the spiciness of the chilli's that give the effect of Ma, but it's actually a spice or herb they are using that makes the soup base Ma! The owner won't give up the special recipe; it's a secret she says!!!

For a more exagerative review, Lynx will probably tell you the soup is magical. Apparently some people have been asking the owners if they place opium into their soup as people keep coming back for more.

I think the next place we gotta try is the one at Novena boasting that they are the true real Mala steamboat place. I can't quite remember the name right now but I do remember it is around Novena Church that side.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Archipelago Brewery

Click on d title... Go on... CLICK.... Yar, I knw dat dis is nowt d official Archipelago Brewery site k... but dat's nowt d point.... Jian & I walkd past d newer branch at China Sq or dereabowts dat day.... & d prices dat dis site quoted were NOWT normal prices!!! Dey gif us d HAPPI HOUR PRICE!!!! Dat means dat... de beer is FUCKIN expensif la!!!! I fink it's like.. $13 a pint.... MIND YEW ok.... Deir 'pints' are dose small small goblets fings... Like.... half-pint size?? HOW DARE dey call em 'pints'!!!! Actualli for a long time aready, Jian & I have bin inspectin d lil pics of dese so-calld 'pints' on d webby & bein vvvv suspicious of d size..... I almost faintd wen I saw d 'pint' wif my own eyes!!!!! $13 fer a half-pint?? *Faints* Happi hour price asso not happenin one... CHIH!

Friday, December 08, 2006

I like Mexican

Yay! Got to eat Mexican food at Cafe Iguana.

So I met Pixie, Draco and Satellite there and they were already drinking Lime Margaritas and eating Tortilla chips with spicy chipotle salsa ($4.99) and guacamole(additional $1.99)! I like tortilla with guacamole. Nice to eat. Chipotle is a funny word. You say chi-POHT-ley, not chi-POH-tl (as in bottle).

Earlier on, they ordered and finished some Mini Chimichangas (Fried flour tortillas filled with Cheese and choice of Chicken or Beef), so I didn't get to eat any.

Quesadillas with Cheese and Poblano Chiles
I ordered the Quesadillas with Cheese and Poblano Chillies filling ($6.99).

Flank Steak Fajitas
And the Flank Steak Fajitas ($18.99) - sliced steak, fried onions, roasted jalapeno and lime wedge on a hot plate, served with sour cream, chopped tomato salsa, guacamole, and a few sheets of tortilla for you to roll yourself.

The food was quite delicious to me because I guess I like Mexican flavours - nice, tangy, spicy flavours. And lots of different dips and condiments. Cafe Iguana also provides 2 bottles of Hot sauce - Cholula hot sauce which is red, and a green one which I don't know the name of. I liked them both.

The Lime Margarita jugs were a steal at $17.99 (Happy Hour price). But everytime I come here for margaritas, I can't drink a lot cuz of the taste and sweetness of the lime cordial. It's nice actually, but you can get abit tired of it after a while. They also have fruit magaritas (strawberry, mango) at the same price! But if you like your drinks strong, stick to the lime margaritas. I know cuz I used to sit at the bar.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Redemption for our palates at Nooch!

Because of that horrible meal we decided to give our palates a treat at Nooch over at Paragon ... the experience was so much more superb, except for the fact that the lights basically were shinning at my face which in turn made the whole expereince warm .....

Gosh ... no matter what seems like I always have something to complain about ... hahahahah

Food was great ....

We shared a yummy salmon sashimi salad, Satellite had Thai Beef Soupy Noodle thing, and I had the Thai Curry Noodle thingy ... don't really remember the name but it was all good ... no complaints on the food ... just the temperature of the restaurant and the 2 loud hongkies making like they know all the people in the busy body chinese magazines .... muahahahahahah

I'm not supposed to post this photo up ... muahahahahahahahahahahah

Anyway in a rush to get going to Cafe Iguana ... yay ... never really had drinks or food there.

warning do not go to pizza pazza at anchor point

Don't remember if it's called Pizza Pasta or Pasta Pizza ... well something like that ... it's horrible absolutely disgusting. Ok I've been told it is Pizza Pazza, corrected by Jian .... AIYO, SHOULD HAVE KNOWN ALREADY CAN'T EVEN SPELL PASTA CORRECTLY ......

1) The guy didn't know what the heck we were ordering / shall I actually say asking.
2) The pasta sucked ... I mean cabonara isn't supposed to taste like alfredo ... or is it?
3) The other pasta, some prawn pasta came with like 4 small lil tiny prawns in a tomato base sauce which was extremely bland ... or so I thought! You gotta ask Satellite though ....
4) The cesar salad was extremely pathetic .... a 5 year old child can make it .... regular iceberg looking lettuce, cheapo ham, and some unknown type of white dressing

Our conclusion, the Italian Chef either sold off his business to these folks for lots of money or he didn't make enough to survive.


I took like 2 bites outta everything ... and then had to go ikea for my $1.50 hotdog meal. We should've just stuck with the cheap ikea food!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Sapporo Ramen Miharu

Last night Sumdumful and I went to eat at Sapporo Ramen Miharu at Gallery Hotel. It is quite a small eatery and the seats were full inside, so we had to sit outside. It wasn't very pretty outside, quite ugly.

The menu consists of many types of Ramen (around 12 to 15 types), a couple of cold noodle dishes, a couple of rice dishes. We ordered 2 bowls of different miso ramen (can't remember their names) $12.50 each, and were disappointed that the ONLY appetizer on the menu was a plate of Chashu ($7)!! You can add additional or extra ingredients into your Ramen for $1, $2, $3 more depending on what you order, but we didn't bother.

The Chashu came first, in like 1 or 2 minutes. 4 slices of meat atop a bed of beansprouts, and there was some sauce on top. Not very memorable. And didn't seem worth its price.

Then our Ramen came. The ingredients in our ramen were the same. Both had 1 slice chashu, half egg, nori seaweed, corn, japanese leek, bamboo shoots, beansprouts. My miso soup was rich, thick and tasty, Sumdumful's miso soup was tastier, but even though I usually like my food stronger in taste and flavour, I found them both exceedingly salty! And the taste of the bamboo shoots was too strong.

Considering they're supposed to specialise in Ramen, it's quite disappointing actually.

So, I still think Netsuretsu Ichibantei at Robertson Quay is much nicer. In terms of taste (Ramen and other things too), variety (Much much better. So many things to eat you dunno what to order. Bento Sets, Curry, Gyoza, Ramen, etc...), and atmosphere (can dine cosily inside, go outside to drink sake and smoke by the riverside). Price is cheap too.

But don't tell too many people.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Dem Oishii Curry Puffs :-S

We ate 'Oishii Curry Puffs' today (Chinatown dere one).... Dere were:

1) Oishii Puff (lyk chicken pie liddat one.. non-spicy)
2) Traditional puff (Old Chang Kee style one)
3) Black Peppa Chicken Puff (nuff said..... no curry one... is black peppa sauce one)
4) Sardine Puff (cheh)
5) Prawn Puff (replace d chicken n eggs wif jus 2 miserable prawns.. spicy one)
6) Vegetarian Puff (I fink dis one asso non-spicy one.... Mebe lyk a fried soon kueh liddat??)
7) Happy Puff (chicken n cashew nuts.. non-spicy one)

If dere were anymo, I can't rememba.... Dat Jian very happi today... We shared 3 curry puffs. We had a traditional, a prawn & an oishii puff. I lykd d oishii puff d best, cos it was lyk... kinda creamy inside... Cos of d cheese inside, I fink... Den d traditional, den d prawn one.... Actualli, I din particularli fancy d prawn one... Cos I dun realli lyk to eat prawns... As fer d traditional one.... well... I still lyk d 'Old Chang Kee' curry puffs betta... I fink partly cos deirs bigga... Mebe d flavour mo robust all..... EHEHEHEHE.... Overall conclusion.... nice, fat, skin crispy n not too thick (lyk sum places dat lyk to cheat ppl of fillings?) & fillings sufficient.... Can try la... Next time we'll go back n try d otha flavours... Btw, it's 6 fer d price of 5... Betta buy all d same priced ones... I can't realli rememba how much dey were..... I FINK d vege, traditional, oishii & sardine were $1 each. D rest were $1.20, but DUN quote me ok.... I SAID aready dat I'm NOT SURE.

We ate inside d shop itself... Quite miserable... Got halfway cookd stuff all around (fillings n all). I'd ratha buy n tek away... We bot a can of Iced Lemon Tea to wash it down. Dat stewpid Jian say until lyk very nice liddat, d combi. Afta gorgin hisself on curry puffs, still dare to say curry puffs fattenin all... Wot a stewpid twit... D eldery lady behind d counta asso abit daft... She actd lyk she din realli wan to sell us d curry puffs.... AHAHAHAHAHA.....

Nar... gif yew all see pikchure:

Oishii Curry Puff is located at
12 Upper Cross Street Singapore 058329
Tel: 6220 9377
There is a running promotion where customers who purchase 5 items will get the 6th one free.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Chicken Chop or Kill The Chicken

Wahhh look at us ... all ready and prepared to attack the kitchen!!!

Well well, we decided to cook again cause it's just too tough thinking about what to eat when we go out when Lynx is on this wonderful Atkins diet. Last week when we went grocery shopping I picked up some chicken and promised Lynx that I'd cook chicken chop for her, after her yucky experience at Coffee Club with their Rosemary Chicken. It was tasteless and dry with little bits and pieces of rosemary. Instead of Rosemary Chicken, I made her Chicken Chop in brown sauce. Actually I didn't realize it was Rosemary Chicken ... Anywho, that's what I made Chicken Chop Yum Yum ... it's pretty difficult cooking for Lynx now cause everything has to be flourless and carbless ... we've cut down on carbs so much in the house that I feel faint sometimes.

Of course, my attempt at food styling is pathetic (partially it's cause I couldn't thicken the sauce) ... anyway I am practicing, next time will make one nice nice for you all to see! Oh and to add to that we had some salad and fried cod fish with chowda garlic and onions!

Jerry's Delivery Courteosy of Cuisine Express

One late night me, Rice King and Lynx decided we were too lazy to cook, however, our ultimate problem is that Lynx is on the Atkins Diet ... what a pain in my butt!!!!

So we decided to order from Jerry's! The food was good as usual ... mmm you gotta try it ... delicious ... the wings are delicious as usual ... but kind of lacked the kick you can get at Jerry's itself.

Maybe I am going through my super spicy phase where I can eat lots of spicy things, cause the other day when I went to this Mala Steamboat at West Coast there ... well it wasn't really spicy enough for me also. Hmmm ..... like Lynx says: ur so strange ... sometimes can eat spicy sometimes cannot even touch.

Feast your eyes on our food for 3:

Eat Until Sweat & Burst

After reading several forum discussions and food blogs talking about this Thosai restaurant, I decided to bring Sumdumful to eat at Sri Kamala Vilas Restaurant, because she was an Indian woman in her previous life. Sri Kamala Vilas isn't really a restaurant, it really looks just like a coffeeshop. But even though it may look very small from the entrance, there's really ample seating at the back.

Masala Thosai
My Masala Thosai was good. I think there are usually 3 types of condiments served with thosai. My favorite is the thick orange one you can see in the picture. I think it's called Sambar (not sure). Some places like Sakunthala's at Dunlop St. (another famous thosai place), don't serve sambar though. The thosai was filled with a generous amount of masala curried potato. I should have cut it open to reveal the potato inside.

 Masala Rava
Sumdumful had Masala Rava. Note the size of the Rava compared to her body! In case you don't know what Rava is, it is very much like thosai, except that it is crispy, has lots of holes in it, and a bit oilier - probably fried. The rava here comes embedded with flavourful sliced green chillies and fragrant curry leaves. Very Delicious. It was served the same way as my Masala Thosai.

Masala Chicken
And we shared the Masala Chicken! :P~~~
Very fiery and delicious. I must go back and eat soon. The masala chicken was very hot and spicy. And the serving was huge too. I thought the server had intentionally given us a large order so they could charge more, but this plate was only an unbelievable $3. The chilli-red chicken came with lots of thick gravy which we ate with our thosai. There were lots of onions, curry leaves, star anise, and other indian spices in the gravy.

The servings here were so huge that even though we only ordered the 3 items above, I couldn't finish my food, which is unusual for me. The food, especially the masala chicken, was also very hot. So, we ate until we were SWEATING & BURSTING! We also ordered lime juice which went beautifully with the food and helped douse some of the tongue fire.

The final bill for 2 of us, including 2 cups of lime juice, turned out to be about $9.20 only. I'm coming back for more.

Sri Kamala Vilas Restaurant (not Komala Vilas)
Block 662, Buffalo Road (Tekka Market)#01-16
Beside the POSB ATMs

Just found out - Sambar is actually the vegetarian curry.
The orange and white coloured pastes are tomato and coconut chutneys respectively

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Best Korean Food in Singapore

Besides indulging ourselves in the comfort of our home, whereby the meal becomes something between korean and japanese style, we love going to this place called Da Chang Jing ... it's just like the TV Show ... the food is splendid and awesome and we get our little private rooms where you can have the privacy and a waiter/waitress to serve you your meal. You eat like a king/queen! Too bad we haven't managed to convince the management to let us sneak a dog in yet ... but i doubt we will ever bring Pixie. Just imagine we go and eat korean food and we already come out smelling like we've been in someones kitchen the whole day.... and the smell doesn't come off so easily... The most amazing thing is that it's not that expensive and you'll actually get really really full. Lots and lots of side dishes, and the cool part is that almost everytime we go, it's something different.

Compared to Sarebol, Da Chang Jing definitely beats them. Sarebol's self proclaimed infamous Korean food was an extreme disappointment. From service to taste, the entire experience was depressing. I even had to LS after the meal, which made my stay at Acid Bar that night short and depressing.

Our meal at Da Chang Jing was about the same price as Sarebol, and the portions at Da Chang Jing actually fed 6 people whereby Sarebol was just enough for 3; unfortunately, we had lots of left overs at Sarebol cause the food was just horrendous.

Need I say more, compare the photos for yourself! These are the photos from Sarebol.

Da Chang Jing gets our vote and is located at the Yess Leisure, 25 Shenton Way! Must try must try!!! Afterward you can go to K at Party World which is in the same complex!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Sunday, 5th November Steak Dinner

A hearty meal for a day of rest... Yummy delicious steak and salad cooked by Chef Satellite, whom happened to be too lazy to post this up herself.

Anyway, this time round she used the grill to make the lovely steaks.

Rare was extremely rare, medium rare was rare, and it goes on ... you know how it works.

Look at these delicious photos and you'll see what we enjoyed ... yummmmmmssss

Ah the sauce was a dark brandy brown sauce, how it was made again is a mystery cause I don't remember how I made it. Hahaha ... there were alot of ingredients.

Mmm ok, yah now I remember, the salad was an italian based salad with a secret italian sauce ... Satellite's not letting out the secret to making her sauce, but I think Jian and I know her secret! Muahahaha....

No alcohol was involved after and during this meal. Like said it was a day of rest.

Satellite, Jian, Sumdumful and myself went for a Saturday brunch at Pontini's which offered free flow sparkling wine, red n white wine, beer and fruit juices. The food was ok, but of course we loved the Oysters that went with the wonderful sparkly.

What else was nice ... hmmm I'll let the rest post up what they thought was nice. Unfortunately this time round, I found their Caesar Salad Dressing a bit disappointing and the cooked foods looked very dry. Oh yah, and the cart with the prime rib never made it to our side. I think they had Osso bucco ( I think that is what it was!) but I never had a chance to eat it .. I think Jian ate some. They have pizza, pasta and they can even cook up some eggs for ya. Sumdumful had a plate of eggs, she claims the fried eggs were perfectly made!

Osso buco
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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Osso buco is a regional dish from Piedmont, Italy. Osso buco translates literally to "bone hole", a reference to the marrow which gives the dish its distinctive flavour and body. Traditionally, a veal shank is used in this dish. Other staples include white wine, broth or stock, and aromatics.

A nice recipe you can try at home to make Osso buco

Pontini Italian - located at the Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel - 392 Havelock Road

Be tempted by Pontini's unique dining experience, offering an extensive a la carte menu well complemented by an excellent antipasti buffet, all within a modern and contemporary setting flushed with true Italian flair. For more exclusive dining, there are four distinctively elegant private dining rooms. Closed for Lunch on Saturdays and all day Sundays and Public Holidays. Dress Code Applies

Operating Hours
Monday - Friday Lunch Noon - 2.30pm D
inner 6.30pm - 10.30pm
Saturday Brunch Noon - 2.30pm D
inner 6.30pm - 10.30pm
Sunday Closed

Price Guide
3-course Set Lunch $34.00
4-course Set Lunch $40.00
Appetisers $7.00 - $19.50
Soup $10.00 - $13.00
Pasta $16.50 - $38.50
Pizza $18.00 - $25.00
Main Course $26.50 - $32.00
Dessert $9.50 - $25.00
Saturday Brunch Adult: $50+++ with free flow of Prosecco, beer, wine, soft drinks and juices. Child: $25+++

Other Information
Special Menus - Vegetarian
Children's Facilities available - High chairs
Contact Number(+65) 6233 1133

So let me go on, after we went to the lovely Saturday brunch, we pretty much continued on drinking throughout the night ... that's why we required a nice hearty meal the next day ... and yes, we were all smashed. Muahahahaha

Monday, October 30, 2006

Pixie's yummy birthday prezzies.

Princess Pixie - updated 12 November
-look at the lil princess w/her moet!-

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Bon Bon Chicken

spicy bon bon chicken

this is a great way to make use of chicken left over from making soup. simply shred them and add sliced cucumbers and jellyfish. then chill. pour over sauce before serving.

sauce for bon bon chicken

  • sesame paste of smooth peanut butter
  • rice vinegar
  • sugar
  • worcestershire sauce
  • light soya sauce
  • chilli sauce
  • chilli oil
  • ground sechuan peppercorn
  • sesame oil
  • sesame seeds
  • chopped spring onion and cilantro

mix everything together in a bowl.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Due to a special request I am posting up addresses:

EN Japanese Dining Bar
Address : 207 River Valley Rd #01-57 UE Square Singapore 238275
Telephone : 6735 2212 Fax : 6732 7747

Morton's Of Chicago (S) Pte Ltd
Address : 5 Raffles Ave #04-00 Marina Sq Singapore 039797
Telephone : 6339 3740

Carl's Junior Outlets
Marina Sq
No. 6, Raffles Boulevard, #01-202/203 Marina Square, Singapore 039594
Tel: (65) 6720 2720Fax: (65) 6720 2718
Suntec City
No. 3, Temasek Boulevard,#B1-048/049 Suntec City Mall,Singapore 038983
Tel: (65) 6820 2726Fax: (65) 6820 2725
Plaza Singapura
No.68, Orchard Road,#B2-25/26 Plaza Singapura,Singapore 238839
Tel: (65) 6720 1670Fax: (65) 6720 1671
Vivo City
No.1, Harbour Front Walk,#02-50/51, Vivo City,Singapore 098585
Tel: (65) 6820 2720Fax: (65) 6820 2718

Nanbantei Japanese Restaurant Pte Ltd
Address : 14 Scotts Rd #05-132 Far East Plaza Singapore 228213
Telephone : 6733 5666 Fax : 6734 2502

Cafe Brio's
Address : 392 Havelock Road Singapore 169663
Telephone : 6233-1100

CR@ Prinsep
Address : 44 Prinsep #01-01, Singapore 188673

Brewerkz Singapore Restaurant & Microbrewery
Address : 30 Merchant Road #01-05/06 Riverside PointSingapore 058282
Tel: (65) 6438 7438

Imperial Treasure Nan Bei
Address : 391 Orchard Road, #05-12 Ngee Ann City, Singapore.
Telephone : 6738 1238

KSC (no this is not KFC, it's where all the party photos and recipes come from)
please post comment and email address for this location... Menu changes daily and it is at $50 per pax, food and drinks ... plus whatever we fancy cooking.


Friday, October 13, 2006

Our Fav Jap Haunt, En Dining.

the reasons why we keep on going back to En restaurant? great service, great (and pretty!) food, good variety of sakes, nice ambience and best of all, Pixie gets to come along whenever we go there. there is always something new and interesting surprises to be discovered in their menu. despite the dainty portions and not so dainty prices, En has never disappointed. we had always enjoyed the pleasant dining cum sake sessions there. thats why, draco and i were there again on wed night, doing wot we do best- eating and drinking.

we had the spicy kimchi porkskin/cucumbers and all-time fav seared tuna tataki for starters-

then we had tempura oysters wrapped in shiso leaves which were rather unremarkable, unagi (eel) maki and goya Ohitashi (marinated raw bittergourd in vinegar soya sauce) once again.