Sunday, October 24, 2010

White Truffle Delight!

Dinner at my sister's!! White truffles from some Ang Moh land! I think it was France or Italy. I'm quite sure it's France though. Anyway, my sister bought 2 or 3 white truffles for SGD$300+!!! Between 5 people, we ate tucked into our $60 to $80 (per person) worth of truffles, guzzled various expensive champagne & wines & finished off the meal with lamb chops. Nawhawhawhaw! I do not have the pictures of the lamb, but Jian does.

A truffle & truffle shaver. You can toggle the thinness of the truffle shavings with the little knob on the side. Truffles are ugly looking things, aren't they? White truffles are mostly about the smell. The moment you open the packet, the lovely truffle smell hits you straightaway. The taste is subtle but super delightful!

This was scrambled egg whites with truffle shavings on top & it was the second part of the meal. The first part of the meal was my lotus root salad. That was yum-o too!

A close up of the egg whites with truffles. Mmmm -MM!

Porcini Risotto with (of course) white truffle & parmesan cheese! We all had 2 helpings each! I ate mine very very slowly to savour the truffle taste. It's not everyday one gets to eat white truffles, you know.

Close up picture of Jian's plate of risotto. His had the thinner slices of white truffles! U can almost see the risotto through the truffles! Marvelous!

Roasted lamb! You just dust the top with a bit of sea salt & freshly ground black pepper. BURP!

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Hong Lim Temporary Food Centre

Many famous stalls at Hong Lim Temporary Food Centre. I met up with a group of friends for a lazy Sunday lunch there.

The temporary food centre is located at North Canal Road, next to Speakers Corner. After you are done with making your stand at Speakers Corner, drop by the temporary market to have some good eats and cold beer.

To be frank, most of all the famous Hong Lim Market stalls are located at the temporary food centre right now.

Must tries: Ah Kow Bak Chor Mee, Ah Heng Chicken Curry Noodle Mee, Hookien Street Bak Ku Teh and Turtle Soup, Bittergourd Soup, Ji Ji Wanton Mee, Outram Park Fried Kway Teow, Tuk Kee Ipoh Sah Ho Fun, Ah Fat Fish Ball Noodles, and of course Teo Heng Teochew Porridge.

Lian Eng Hwa Kee Seafood @ Havelock Road

Yes you're right ... I've been dining at Havelock Road quite often. :) Anyway, this was a good expereince that I had food wise. Everything tasted pretty nice. It was a pleasant treat by Satellite's parents :-)

The cold platter was decent, the best part of it though I must say was the Jelly Fish ... soft succulent and with a nice thai sauce!

And of course we had the politically incorrect shark's fin soup ... it was nice albeit thick ... thereafter we had no more room in our tummy's to fit much of the other food... An additional comment I would add is that the crab roe was too dry and tough; that did give the soup minus points.
The fish was good... definitely tasted better than the one I had at G7 Liang Kee the week before. However, if I were cooking it, I think I would've added more Kiam Chai (preserved vegetables).Next came the prawns swimming in a sea of garlic.. it was really a sea of garlic, so for those that don't like garlic much, they'd be totally turned off. Vampires beware of this dish!

Ah... unfortunately ... well maybe fortunately I did not take the picture of the pork ribs because they were not fantastical, and in comparison to Por Kee Restaurant at Tiong Bahru, they faired poorly.
Of course we must all have veggies! The veggies were a nice touch, the abalone was nice and is always welcomed in my stomach! The minus point of this dish was that the brown sauce was way too thick... already full from most of the food, you have to basically sit down and wipe off all the brown sauce if you don't want to get full until you puke.
who is the mystery squeezer?
And what would we do without carbs... This Char Kway Teow with Malaysian influences was a nice complement to the food. It went well with their chilli sauce that was nice.
Of course to end it all, someone had to order Orh Nee (Yam Paste), a dessert that I do not favor cause to me it is just goo with coconut milk. It's gooey and sweet! But the fact is, if you go to a Teochew restaurant and they don't have Orh Nee, you better run as the place is probably not authentic. The original Orh Nee used to be made with pork fat, garlic, yam and ginko nuts. Now it is usually made with yam, ginko nuts, and sugar water.I was asked not to take this photo but just had to ... it shows pretty much how I feel about Orh Nee. This dessert actually kinda gave me a fright when I saw it for the first time 11 years ago in Singapore. They should make an ultimate dessert like this: Durian Orh Nee ... I bet you it'd be a best seller!

G7 Liang Kee Restaurant

The service was ok but the food sub-par compared to the Mu Liang Zai Laing Kee Restaurant on the same Havelock stretch.

The food wasn't great and my phone was almost out of batteries so I didn't bother taking many pictures of the food.

This was a birthday treat from a friend ... but I think we choose the wrong Liang Kee restaurant.
There are actually 3 versions of the original Liang Kee restaurant. G7 Liang Kee Restaurant at Havelock which we went for this birthday treat. This shop is run by Madam Liu the Taiwanese partner of the original Liang Kee when they moved to Havelock Road which she took over because of a bad working relationship with the brothers. After that, the brother's opened Liang Kee in Robertson Quay and relocated again to Whampoa West when the retnals were too exhorbatant at Robertson Quay. Around the same time, Hong Seng the younger brother decided to open another at Havelock, Mu Liang Zai Laing Kee.

Ok so back to the food

Pomfret was over cooked and was tasteless
Teochew braised duck was also tasteless and the meat wasn't as tender and succulent as it should be (Mu Liang Zai Liang Kee does a far better job)
Fried prawn rolls, beancurd and seafood rolls wasn't bad at all
Sambal crayfish tasted more like it had a chilli crab sauce
Oyster omlette passed the test

And for the Veg ... it never came ... although we repeatedly ordered it a few times.

TGI Fridays....... NOTTTTTT!

Had the worst experience possible at TGIFs in Singapore ... really worst experience. Wings weren't spicy ... neither did they ask what level of spiciness you'd like ... My club sandwich came with cheap shoulder ham that you can find at any NTUC Fair Price.

This was so majorly disappointing, to see that TGIF's from the US go to shit... They should revoke the franchisees licsense

Servers were busy standing around and the most humorous part of everything was that they spent more time doing their rally calls, chatting and goofing around with each other than actually serving.

Cold Mozzerella sticks, Loaded Potato Wedges that were like rocks that can kill....

If anyone ever asks me to go to TGIF ... I'll tell the to go to Chilis instead! The quality of food and service is a universe apart for these two restaurants.

Monday, October 04, 2010

Wow this blog is dead

Wow it's been ages that we posted on this blog ... and the funniest part about this is that i couldn't recognize the blog when I came in.

Home cooked steak!

My sister brought a hunk of tenderloin from some Ang Moh part of the world & cooked me & my auntie steaks. Jian was supposed to come too,but he had something on, so he lucked out, big time. HAHAHAHAHA.

She simply fried it (or maybe she grilled it) on that grill-looking pan (hence the grill lines) & left us to season it with sea salt & black pepper ourselves.

Also accompanying the meal were boiled baby potatoes in butter & garlic (YUM), boiled baby carrots & brocoli & my smoked mackeral salad. Yum-O, I say!