Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Saso Rosso Italian Restaurant

When I was up in Kuala Lumpur for my roadshow, I took my client to Saso Rosso Italian Restaurant which was recommended by the concierge at the Hotel Imperial - the old Sheraton.

As usual I was super hungry and over ordered again!

9 Lorong Yap Kwan Seng50450 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 603 21 666 428Fax: 603 21 666 429

Tuna Carpaccio
Clams soup in white wine and garlic bread
Sri Lanka live crab penne with olive oil, garlic, fresh basil leaves and prawns bisque
600gr of imported T-bone steak, fiorentina style- with 15 years Modena balsamic vinegar
Mash Potatoes and sautéed spinach

The Tuna Carpaccio was surprising ... as both my client and I thought that the Tuna had become salmon... on top of that, I wasn't impressed with it cause it wasn't the traditional carpaccio I am used to as it was a smoked tuna. It also came with these big tomatoes. Oh yah, and the smoked tuna was way too salty.

The Clam Soup was delicious ... especially when we dipped the nice thin bread that they provide in their bread basket!

Yes, and yet again, I forgot to take pics because of my hunger!

Crab penne wasn't impressive at all ... the prawn bisque completely killed the taste of the crab and it seemed as though many spices were missing from the pasta itself... a bit bland for our taste. We obviously didn't finish the pasta. At least the penne was al dente!

Florentine was delicious and big. We finished it!

For the side dish of spinach, we found it strange that they would use local spinach, furthermore it was way too salty.

Apparently the owner heard me complaining about the spinach came over and spoke to me for a bit then offered us his own personal stash of lemoncello! That was delicious! Ha ha ha I'm such an alcoholic. But I actually told him his crab penne was a failure to my taste buds.

The ambience of the place is nice and romantic though! Would I go back? Probably just to see if there are any improvements.

Pietrasanta - The Italian Restaurant

5B Portsdown Road, #01-03 Wessex Estate, Singapore

Came upon this place by chance as Satellite and I were getting hungry before going to work. The food was decent but there seemed to be a lack of flavoring for most of the stuff we ate. Don't recall everything we ate, but I think we had a pasta which I forgot to take a picture of and definitely had the Beef Florentine which was a gigantic T-bone steak ... yummy and succulent... I really enjoyed that.

Perhaps Satellite remembers the entire list of dishes we tried there.

Biopolis - Bistro Faoulous or Not

20 Biopolis Way#01-01 CentrosSingapore 138668

Hmmm wasn't too impressed with the food ... perhaps it's not Bistro Faboulous... not very sure but it's been awhile since I've been there and the place where I had lunch wasn't fantastic at all... Perhaps the wrong restaurant ... that being said, the portions for everything was pretty good. The finger foods were a bit weird.

We ordered a Cobb Salad but the Cobb was missing! But we were pretty happy with the French Onion Soup ... but seirously how wrong can you go with French Onion Soup!

Didn't really enjoy this weird spring roll finger food that was stuffed with some cream cheese and spinach if I recall correctly ... it was a weird combination.

The burger was a decent size ... but was a bit over cooked ... I did ask for medium rare...

World Gourmet Summit 2008 - Global Kitchen

Met up with a friend to try out the menu at Global Kitchen during the World Gourmet Summit.
Hotel: Pan Pacific Singapore
Restaurant Type: International
Partner Chef(s): Joseph Martin
Masterchef: Eric Dequin & Stéphane Carrade
Enquiries: (65) 6826 8240

It was fairly delicious and I had a pleasant surprise with the pea soup! Yes pea soup! I don't like peas but perhaps I was hungry that day cause I finished the whole bowl!

Next came the foie gras and seared scallops as a starter! They are french chefs, of course they know how to cook a succulent piece of foie gras... The foie gras sauce base was a strawberry red wine sauce. The scallops were not too fascinating.

Next came the mains. I had the lamb while my friend had the fish. The lamb was superbly tender and yet again I forgot to take a photo of it. My friend enjoyed the fish!

Dessert - as mush as I don't eat dessert ... well here's the photos since it was a set meal anyway!

Great with presentation and service was superb!