Saturday, June 30, 2007

food galore!

right.... after a long hiatus, i've finally returned to mark this space with a truckload of delicious FOOD photos ahoy! so here's the skinny as you folks feast your eyes on these wonderful, fantastic, fabulous, scrumptious, delicious...etc FOOD photos ahoy! first, i'll start off with the very, very much delayed post of valentine's day dinner at esmiralda's (or is it esmeralda's?) at orchard hotel. spanish food, y'all. this was yonks ago so i'm not gonna wax lyrical about the food. all in all, it was good. now all you hedonistic pleasure-seekers, salivate on this...

1st course - seafood bisque. rich, luxurious and bursting with flavours of the sea ahoy!

2nd course - anti-pasto platter. we found chorizo sausages (a few slices only. tasted surprisingly like lup cheong), crostinis with feta cheese, and of cos the usual suspects you would expect to find in an anti-pasto platter like marinated mushrooms, cocktail pearl onions, olives and roasted capsicums. nice.

main course - tenderloin steak platter for 2. we discovered juicy, tender tenderloins, roasted baby potatos and vegetables, and 3 types of sauces! if memory serves, i think they were champagne sauce (the brown one), salsa and creamed horseradish sauce.

desert was walnut cake with vanilla ice-cream. that was the only thing we didn't polish off entirely cos we were suffering from food coma already.


is there anyone who doesn't like pizzas and pastas? i don't think so. Mama Lucia Ristorante Italiano at robertson walk features a huge selection of pizzas and pastas. the prices are great, they don't burn a hole in your pocket. nice and cosy lil joint. the food's alright and best of all, they provide complimentary bread and antipasti. so all you pizza chompers and spaghetti fiends, eat your greedy guts out over this...

bread with 3 kinds of antipasti - tuna, grilled eggplants and marintated onions.

beef carpaccio covered in parmesan shavings.

jian had the four seasons pizza which had mushrooms, eggplants, olives and artichokes.

eve had rigatoni with eggplants in spicy tomato sauce.

i had linguini with scampi in white wine sauce. although there really wasn't any sauce at all.

mama lucia is at #01-07 robertson walk, 11 unity street. tel: 6738-0242

watch the above space, y'all. there's more to come.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Effin Donut Craze in Effin Singapore

I'd jus lyk to remind peepul dat is NOWT my idea to queue fer a long stretch of period of tym fer ANY type of food... Unless is d oni food shop arownd d area & I was starving....

Dis was halfway whilst we were queueing. A rude makcik (who was aready tokkin loudly to her fren) had d cheek to loudly say (whilst I was tekin me otha pics) 'Liddat asso nid to tek pikchure ar?' Miss Lim ovaheard & tol me, so I went,'SHE SAID DAT?!?!?!? So wot if I nid to tek pikchure? Siao!' De silence at our immediate behind was sweet, but din las furry long. I asso saw her tryin to peer ova Miss Lim's rite shoulda while we were laffin ova d pics dat we took earlia. MY GAWD. Actualli, I had a gewd chance of tekin a pic of dat fat makcik's hind quartas, but I decided nowt to b so evil. Twood serve her rite if I dam well postd d pic up too.... If I had a pic, dat is. I almost (ok, THOROUGHLY) regret nowt tekin her pic. Guess wot she bot, afta queuein fer half an hour? A whole box of original donuts!! ORIGINAL??? C'mon!!!! I knw she said LOUDLY dat her granddotter woon eat it othawise, but I fink she's lyin. Anyways, I gotta watchit. I dun fink my tum wood fergif me if I stuffd a donut in me mouf. I din eat any ok!!

Bloody donut shop sign.

Many flavours, hur? I woon buy original, even if it came to bite me in d bum! But makcik's bum was so huge, twas an easy target, am sure. AHAHAHAHA.

Miss Lim's spoils of d day! I dunno wot flavours la. I oni know dat d bottom 4 are (left to rite, & left to rite again) 1) cheese ( dunno if is sweet cheese or norm), 2) almond, 3)chocolate & 4)cinnamon chocolate. D las one lewks yummi. Miss Lim was eatin halfway, wen I decided to tek a pic, hence d mostly eaten donut. It lewks sad. AHAHAHAHA. Am proud of self. Whole car filld wif donut smell & I din budge. I'd ratha a savoury snack anytime, actualli.... Miss Lim & bf seemd to enjoy d donuts, tho, so I guess dey were gewd. Fer a half hour's queue, it'd betta dam well be.......

Vinco Donut Shop is sumwhr on d 2nd floor of Vivocity. Is jus beside 'The Mussel Guys'. Watch out fer fat makciks. Cos I fink she's a bloomin regula.

Basil Alcove (Yet Once Again)

Yet once again, Jian & I made our way down to Basil Alcove to haf dinna. De greedy piglet ordad 2 (TWO!) main courses!!!!

Anyways, dis is de Smoked Duck wif Zuccini. It went inna flash. BWAHAHAHAHA. & woteva he says, I (ME) took dis foto. I fink I took all d goddamnd fotos!!

Pork Knuckle in Aspic. Twas d highlite of d evenin! *FAINT*
His 1st main course, de Mushroom & Bacon Aglio Olio, came 1st. Duh, is 1st cos it came 1st mah... WAHAHAHA. Plenty of stuff inside!

His 2nd main course, de Balsamico Duck Breast. Dis was v juicy... Like a juicy steak liddat.

Ok, d sauce was interesting. Wen de waiter came wif d dish, he stir-stirrd it & it was lyk a science experiment liddat. It fizzled.... jus fer d moment..... Dunno wot twas fer tho... LOL.. Wen I tried to stir it again, narfing happened. Oh wellsk.....

My Pan-Fried Salmon!!!! I LURV SALMON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D skin was crispy & d salmon was yummi! I finishd my food lyk a gewd lil kitty dat I is. Plus de greens to puke out any hairballs lata... AHAHAHAHAHA... OK. Jian said dat d salmon was lyk... salmon liddat lor.... But I dun care. Is yummi salmon. *mow*

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Cancun - All Inclusive

The benefits of an All Inclusive Cancun is that you don't actually have to worry about food. The hotels have at least 3 restaurants you can go to, with probably one of them constantly serving a buffet. You never go hungry! Oh and you also never go thirsty!!! Free flow of beer, wine, champagne, mixed drinks ... anything you can think of.

The only bummer that I ran into in Cancun is that 1) there was no real chinese food (so someone should think of going to start one) and 2) I was extremely disappointed by the fact that these people have no idea how to cook a lobster.

Ah firstly, I will show you pics of the horrible airplane food that I had on United Airlines when I took my International Flight from Singapore to Newark. To add to that, UA is so cheap now a days, that they don't feed you on certain flights, they make you buy your food.... at least the refreshments are still free! Take SQ instead man!

Breakfast on UA ... Horrible tasteless omlette with some mushrooms around ...

Mid flight snack consisting of a yucky sandwhich. Followed by an actually decent chicken meal with some noodles.

Ok I shall not bore you any longer with pictures of airplane food! Ha ha ha here are some pics from Cancun. Oh yah, I went down to The Shrimp Bucket which had pretty good food. Definitely check out Crab House for a nice meal of lots and lots of crabs, and finally you gotta go to Margarittaville ... everyone goes there!

My first meal in Cancun ... Yes I had pizza with sausages ... but the sausages were spiced very nicely ... yummy ... ah yah Mexico has lots of prawns, you'll go crazy eating prawns!!!

After that quick lunch, we went over to Margarittaville for some drinks! Yah yah, I couldn't resist and had to order the Pineapple man!

The scary part was that this was basically only a couple hours after each other, so after Margaritaville, we walked back to the hotel Club House to get ourselves some snacks ... sorry forgot to take pictures of that. I think we all made our own way for dinner that day ... not really sure.

We had a nice fancy dinner with my parents at the western restaurant there. I had my favorite French Onion Soup and a nice Tenderloin Steak!

Next morning, my favorite type of breakfast, buffet all you can eat breakfast, check out the spread man!

Lunch at the shrimp bucket! Delicious Caviche by the way! Yes yes and that's a caesar salad. And they serve you some complimentary prawn broth! Check out the beautiful view too.

Our Crab House Meal ... I didn't take much pictures cause everyone wanted to dig in! We had crabs of course, then some of the meals came with a spaghetti and creamed spinach. Three different types of butter dips, and my caesar salad. This you got to get cause they do it the authentic way, with presentation and all!

Folks, feast your eyes on the in room bar where you can drink all you want and you don't get charged!

Stay at THE ROYAL CANCUN, if you have kids, you can stay at their sister hotel which is just next door, NEW GRAN CARIBE REAL. Really, you shouldn't miss out on this, it's really great and you feel pampered all day; be careful though, you'll definitely gain weight if you're not into water sports and you like to veg out.

Akashi Japanese Restaurant (Paragon) Basement

California Rolls

Satellite and I actually wanted to go to Sushi Tei, but it was close to last order and there was still a long Q and there was only cold foods left, so we decided to make our way downstairs to try out Akashi.


I don't remember anything really spectacular about the place, but it passes for a Jap restaurant I guess, but I like the fact that there wasn't much traffic down there. Prices are a bit steep.

We had Fried Oysters, Sashimi, Short Ribs, Lamb, California Rolls, Soup, Salad, and Gyozas. One thing I can remember which I wasn't too happy about was that the short ribs actually had a bit of lamb taste in it. I think the cooks got lazy and didn't clean the grill correctly.