Sunday, March 04, 2007

Baseballs Can B Eaten!!!!!!

We went to d railway station jus behind my house dere.... Tanjong Pagar dere.... fer lunch yestaday (Sat). Dat place got many many many many many Malay food to eat one. & d coffeshops open very very very very late... or issit 24 hrs? I dunno la.... But lewk wot I got to eat!!!!!!

K la... D pikture is nowt very clear (at all) cos we din use a v gewd fone to tek it.... But it's dis GIANT bergadil (deep fried potato fing) in mee soto soup. It's calld Baseball Soto & apparently is a weekend special oni.... But I saw d baseballs bein displayd onna weekday before lei... Anyways, I was aktualli expectin it to come wif noodles, but luckily it din lor.... SO FILLIN!!!! I was veri happi, becos I lyk to eat potatos one. Inside got minced mutton asso. Dis mutton is nowt as smelli & strong tastin as mutton normalli is. It was a gewd meal... $2.50 oni summo! Jian had nasi padang. I was asso watchin dis malay family eatin lunch... Dey ate ALOT! Dey ate ayam penyet (smashed-fried chicken) wich I thoroughly recommend too.... Dey come wif lesser portions of beancurd & tempeh dan say Lucky Plaza outlets, but d price is much much betta.... And da sambal chilli dey serve with da fried chicken is delicious n FIEEERRYYYY! The kind dat makes u wanna finish all the chilli, but will start perspiring, dripping from temples. Dunno wot else dey ate asso, but I saw 2 gurls sharin one big curry puff before d meal & one afta... dun ask me... I'm fatta dan dem lei....

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Pang Ziqi said...

my school sells this too..i think baseball size also..