Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Cliff - The Beaufort @ Sentosa

What can I say? The Cliff ... I don't know if the meal was costly or not, I would assume so seeing that it is located in the Beaufort, but serisouly if I paid for that meal, I'd just want to jump off a cliff.

The food wasn't brilliant or anything. You can get better on the mainland!!! The ambiance was pleasant and service was pretty decent considering we were a group of 16 people having dinner there!

Let's see I had some tuna nicoise dish, wasn't fantastic, I feel lots of places in Singapore actually make a better seared tuna nicoise dish.

Everyone had to take the soup, a Smoked Tomato Soup with Seared Scallop topped ... I didn't realize it was smoked until I got home, I thought the soup was burnt cause really it tasted chowda more than smoked!!!

Then I ordered the Beef Tenderloin with Risotto, the risotto was way too salty! I bet you lynx would've loved it. However, the beef was nice and tender ... duh what do you expect it is tenderloin afterall.

I ended my dinner with a cheese plate which wasn't fantastic, I think the cheese plate at Que Pasa had more of a variety and a better pairing of cheeses. Although I did enjoy the honey butter a great deal.

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