Sunday, August 31, 2008

Eng Seng Coffee Shop

Is it really all that, so much so that they have a long long queue and the aunty scolds you... yes yes yes it's another food nazi ... rude owner/waitress/ah-hoon!

Well ... it is all that ... don't miss out ... by far the best I've tried in Singapore ... they don't put the pepper until it kills the sweetness of the crab meat.... dun some of these folks get it ... too much black pepper makes the sauce bitter .... these people at Eng Seng, brilliant, as they use a bit of honey to accompany the black pepper, giving the sauce a tint of sweetness ... not overpowering anything though ... the perfect balance I must say.

My advice to you is to either call first or go early and wait for a table ... like I mean the kiasu type of early ... by the way they only open at 5. Dun bother going at 7pm cause they might not have any crabs left.

Try the mee goreng as well ... dun bother with the malaysian hookien mee ... not nice anymore.

247 Joo Chiat Place, 64405560

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