Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Zento Contemporary Japanese Restaurant

I was exctied about Zento opened up at Dempsey Hill but was kinda disappointed when I went to try it. The food was good and interesting but we felt that they could have done better with more interesting concoctions for the vegetarian - it couuld also have been because Dyana was not around when we were ordering.

There were a few interesting dishes like their handroll which was made of a soyabean paper instead of the typical nori seaweed that they use.
Shown here is the Crunchy Spicy Tuna Roll
The Asparagus Salad was refreshing
Riceless Maki = Mango sashimi! A combination of three fish- Salmon, Tuna, Yellowtail, together with a slice of avocado and mango wrapped in rice paper.
Wagyu and Shrimp rolls delicious! The waygu beef sushi rolls were topped with melted gruyre and garlic sauce!
Would I go back? Probably ... but not that often. I do like the handroll very much!
Address: 18B Dempsey Road
Tel: +65 6474 0378

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Zento said...


Thank you visiting us, and I am sorry I was not there when you come. Otherwise I would be able to suggest more interesting dishes for vegetarian.
we do have a nice vegetarian futomaki (American Style) which I like so much, we also has a sweet potato tempura roll that you should try.
Next time you come, give me a buzz, or email me at zentosingapore@gmail.com and I will prepare more stuff for you to try.

I hope i will see you again.

Best regards