Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Dim Joy

This is a nice little place, the decor is nice and sparse, but I found that the food wasn't great and the service staff was a tad bit confused... it took us 30 minutes to get our order because no one keyed it into the machine.

Actually when reading other people's reviews I keep wondering to myself if there's something wrong with their taste buds.... Anyway my comments below!

The High Calcium Pork Rib Porridge was not great at all, really the porridge base just wasn't there... plus the pork ribs was way too salty. Rather go to Ho Kee Porridge at Maxwell to eat.

Har Gow - also very salty and I felt they were pretty small compared to Victor's Kitchen.

Steamed rice rolls - not much sauce, kind of boring ... nothing to rave about.

Savory Claypot Rice - nothing impressive... they supposedly make their own soya sauce and they already have it poured into the rice ... but that kind of ruins the authenticity of clay pot rice.

Radish cake - I had both the pan fried one and the steamed one. For the steamed one, I think the one at Victor's Kitchen and Wah Lok at Carlton Hotel... it was kind of weird here cause they had peanuts. The fried one was decently fried the correct way, not the pale looking fried radish cake and the amount of stuffing was good.

Pork & Chive Wor Tip - it's not fantastic because they are a bit skinny... as in not enough stuffing ... although the crispiness was just right. If you want nice ones, I would recommend going to Pu Dong at Balmoral to eat the Wor Tip there.

Honey-Syrup Char Siew Bao - Lacking in stuffing and the skin is not soft enough ... goto Victor's Kitchen, it's nicer. If not goto Crystal Jade at Taka on the 4th floor.2008-11-16 20:05:08

You can check out what these items look like if you head over to the Dim Joy website

I guess you can take some people who are not acquainted to Chinese Dim Sum there and they will think that it is good?!?

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Satellite said...

dim joy indeed, cos eat already your joy will dim.