Sunday, December 05, 2010

La Nona

Don't judge a book by it's cover. As in Don't judge a book by the wonderful looking menu and the nice tasting bread.

In general, La Nona was decent, but I would have much preferred to make my way back to La Braceria Pizza and Grill. I realized that most of the time reading reviews off of hungrygowhere may not bring you to a good restaurant. All taste buds are build differently I guess.

For an antipasto platter, I feel they need to work harder. This is a very normal platter that can be made at home. At least, they didn't need to be stingy with ingredients. I think Satellite can any day make a better platter than what you see here.

The pizza was not as delicious as La Braceria due to the lack of cheese. It wasn't as juicy and succulent; the sauce in general was weak.

I'm not a big fan of risotto, and am extremely picky when it comes to this dish because I don't really enjoy it in the first place. Most places do not get the doneness for the grains right. For me, what makes a good risotto is when the rice grain, although soft, will pop in your mouth when chewed. Secondly, the taste must be there, some risottos, you can just taste the cheese that is in the dish. You should be able to taste the infused main ingredients, i.e. mushrooms risotto, you should be able to taste the flavours of the mushroom, not only a hint of mushroom covered by the heavy creaminess of the cheese.

All in all I don't think I would go back there again. Too pricey for normal italian food.

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