Sunday, December 05, 2010

Ye Shanghai (791 Bkt Timah Rd)

Dracoholic brought us for a yummy Shanghainese meal to celebrate someone's birthday. Oh what a yummy meal it was! Don't mind the creaking floorboards & teeny tiny toilet, though.

Oh what a sumptuous meal!

The starters all came together, which the staff placed on the edge of the lazy susan for easy reach. This is what we had:

Marinated jellyfish. This jellyfish dish consisted of bigger-than-normal chucks of jellyfish. I like this size of jellyfish, as it seems like a more substantial mouthful. Nice.

Wine chicken. The wine sauce is tasty, but I am not sure if the taste was infused into the chicken enough.

Marinated Japanese Cucumber. Abit spicy.

Vegetarian dish. Consisted of some sort of beancurd, mushroom & preseved vegetable.

Fried fish. Strangely, I liked this, as I don't normally like just any old fish dish.

Post starters (On to the main stuff!!):

Fish soup. They didn't cheat & add milk to make the soup milky. They spent hours boiling fish bones for the milky broth. Tasty.

Jews ears & clear noodle (I suspect it's made from sweet potato flour) in the soup. I was slightly annoyed to find fish bones in the soup as well, but I guess it can't be helped.

Mushroom, sea cucumber & bamboo shoot. Yum-O! I love all the ingredients in this dish & the best thing is that the bamboo shoots don't have that horrid smell to it.

Prawns. Done well. The prawns retained their crunchy texture. Dracoholic recommends a drop of black vinegar to go with it to bring out the taste of the prawns, but I may have dripped a drop too much & the vinegar over-powered the taste of the prawns. Oh well.

Cod Fish in Crab Roe Sauce. The sauce is excellent! Great dish!

Oh what is this cute little piglet?

AH! 3 Layered Pork. Served with the buns to be eaten together like a mini sandwich. I scraped off all the fats. Scarily fatty, it is.

Vegetable dish. Love the mushrooms & jews ears & wolfberries in it!
There was also a noodle to end the meal, as no Chinese restaurant sit-down meal would be complete without it. I did not take a picture, as I forgot, but the noodles were only so-so.


Dracoholic said...

Glad you enjoyed it :) Hopefully when their Dim sum Chef is back we can try the XLP.

Jian said...

Yea, the food there is quite exquisite. Pity about the corkage!