Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Baden @ Holland Village

So... We used to frequent Baden more often something like 7 years back. Jian more often than me. A few years ago, we finally decided to try their FOOD. Now I can't remember what I had, but he had the pork knuckle & he wasn't impressed.

Well, anyway, we went back for dinner on Friday. We initially wanted to try El Patio, but it seemed too packed to be true, so... well... we ended up at Baden lor.

We ordered the Gulashesuppe (Goulash soup) which was just OK. The laugen bread that came with is was pretty tasty though. It was the highlight of the soup. Jian marvelled at how white the inside of the bread was. $7

Konigsberger klopse (Chicken Cheesy Meatballs). Looking ordinary.

A meatball sliced open. Looking promising, BUT I felt that the taste was nothing spectacular & in fact, a tad bit bland, even with the dip provided. $12

Schweinekotelette mit pommes und salat (Pork loin with fries & salad, but we changed the fries to mash). Ok this was the highlight of the entire meal. The pork loin was nicely seared, with a thin delicious sliver of fat along one side. The crust gave a nice crackle, complementing the juicy meat. It was just slightly pink in the middle. I would SO order this again if we ever came back to eat. I might even insist on ordering it as a snack whilst having drinks. Must try it with the fries though. Haahaahaa. $19

Wurrsteplatte- drei (Platter of 3 types of sausages). There was no description of the sausages & I cannot remember the taste much anymore. I remember describing one of the shorter sausages (the more speckly one, I think) as tasting more like potato. Sausages were a bit disappointing for the price. The sauerkraut had a weird spice which we found strange to eat but I ate it together with the mash & sausage & it wasn't so bad then. $22

Jian had 2 pints & 2 half pints of mixed Erdinger, happy hour price. I tried some & I would describe it as a neither here nor there kind of taste. I'd rather have either dark or light. $15 for a pint & $11 for half pint (141 during happy hour).

Happy hour till 9pm.

The bill came up to $94.60. The only charge service charge. No GST (whee).

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