Sunday, November 20, 2011

Blooie's @ Clementi

Yes, we have been a tad bit quiet lately. No bother. Not like anyone actually reads this stuff anyway. Today, I am talking about the recently opened Blooie's at Clementi. We happened to want to try the food there & it just happened to be the official opening of the place.

Cobb Salad ($15.80). Shredded iceberg lettuce, cajun chicken, tomatoes, avocado, egg, bacon bits & blue cheese with a lemon vinegarette dressing. Not too bad.

My Blooie's Roadhouse Special Club ($17.80). Cajun chicken, bacon, avocado & cheddar cheese. Pretty good sandwich, BUT the fries did not come out piping hot. I must say, I know fries take just a short time to cool down into mediocre fare, but pride in your food means serving piping hot fried potato!!!!!!

Jian's Pasta Primevera ($14.80). I don't know why he went around ordering pasta at a burger joint. This one did not look good at all. It reminded me of the time we went to Bakerzin & I refused to try his Lamb Stew Pasta. True enough, he said that it wasn't up to standard.

I had a Pepsi as well. At $4, the glass was quite small.

GST & service charge apply here.

Would we go back? Erm. Don't know. I'd try the burgers next time, if we do, but I'd be hoping for piping hot fries. The happy hour isn't so hot either. On the website, it stated that there was a all night happy hour promotion (it's still on the website NOW, & the official opening was on the 1st of October 2011), but when we got there, the waitress told us that happy hour was only till 8pm. HHRRRMMM.

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Jian said...

Bad experience here. The pasta sucked - bland and utterly disappointing; Pasta Mania does a better job. Happy hour wasn't available even though the Blooie's website claimed it was supposed to be all night. The place was also INCREDIBLY noisy. I feel like an idiot to have come here.