Friday, January 05, 2007

Mario's Pizza Bar and Restaurant

So one friday Satellite and I decided to try out Mario's Pizza Bar and Restaurant at Faber Drive over in Clementi!

Although the place was pretty much empty unlike it's neighbour the ever so popular Mexican restaurant Margarita's, the food was pretty much decent in size, actually it was huge!

I can say, the Caesar salad actually tasted better than the one at Mezza9 over at the Hyatt Hotel, because the bacon was crispy!

But as usual I am rarely all praises, so I found their Minestrone Soup lacking... it was the soup of the day! And their Ice Tea was sweet but tasted a bit funny. It's like a Sketche's type of deal, you pay for one Ice Tea and you get free flow.

The lasagna portion was exceptionally big, and was nice and cheesy, the sauce was good ... pretty much I would recommend this lasagna to anyone that has a hearty appetite.

As for Satellite's pasta, she enjoyed it, but I can't quite remember what type of pasta it was! But it seems to be an Aglio Olio from the looks of it.

I think we'd pretty much recommend this place. The cost of dinner there was $50, so it's average price for a restaurant I guess, but the portions are well worth it. Prices for beer are pretty reasonable, I think it's like $8 per beer or something.

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