Thursday, January 18, 2007

Ming Kee Live Seafood

Ming Kee Live Seafood
556 Macpherson Road(S) 368231
Tel: 6747-4075

Ming Kee Live Seafood is highly recommended if you are looking for reasonably priced food and specialties, but please don't go on a Saturday, and if you do decide to go, please book and pre-order your food. If not, you'll end up waiting for about 20 - 30 minutes for your food to come out. If you get impatient though, there's a great lot of eateries all around it.

Our total bill for 9 people came up to about $360. We had 13 large oysters, veggie with salted and preserved egg in superior broth, the infamous crab beehoon (which comes with 2 crabs), 2 orders of the very famous and delicious chicken essence frog legs, a nice black bean steamed fish, pretty good coffee pork ribs, drunken prawns, and mee sua. The place is BYO and doesn't charge for corkage so remember to bring your drinks! Adding to that, they do have beer and a limited soft drink selection.

From what I understand, Ming Kee has had a popular following since there Marina Parade days as a zi char stall; eventually making it's way to Jackson Market and moving to the corner of the row of shops down by it's current Macpherson location, and most recently taking over another shop and expanding the place to sit more people inside and out.

Check out the pics, unfortunately by the time the Crab Beehoon got to our table, we just kinda cleared it out really quickly. On top of that, I forgot to take a pic of the Meesuah cause I was too stuffed to move.

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