Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year's Eve Dinna at Lao Beijing

Well.... We went Lao Beijing. Is frem d Tung Lok Group one. Tis nowt a New Year's Eve menu or anyfing... tho dey prolli have one... We ordad ala carte. We akcherli wantd to eat at dat Manhattan Fish Market, but dey oni had one menu, speshul fer New Year's Eve (BAH!)

So we ordad a bowl of soopy noodles (Jian says we shooda ordad d dunno wot Beijing-style Zhajiang noodles instead... since we were in Lao Beijing, rite.. bwahaha) & assorted startas, all to share.

D noodles came 1st (strangely). Akcherli we almost fergot to tek pikchures again..... Till afta we startd to eat a lil bit. Dis is d Spicy Beef Noodles ($6). It came inna normal sized bowl, as opposed to Crystal Jade's huge-assd noodle bowls. So we oni had a small bowl each, cos we lyk to share d noodles, so we can eat mo dishes mah... Funni fing abowt dis beef noodles..... Wen Jian startd to dish d noodles out frem d bowl, d beef seemd to disintegrate into almost nothing!!! It LEWKD substantial enuff wen it 1st came. D oni explanation I cood come up wif was dat d beef cam in VVVVV thin slices & laid on top in such a way dat it LEWKD lyk dere was sufficient meat... Now I realli regret nowt tekin a pikchure of d noodles, pre-consumption. :S Well d noodles were ok... D soop fer d noodles was quite yummi la... Pity abowt d tiny portion tho.... & d disappearin meat....
View frem Jian's fone cam.

Smoked fish fillet ($4). Fried one. Interesting, but nowt fantastic. I dunno if I've eaten fish in dis style before. Wen it came, I was slightly shocked. Lewks lyk a bloody fish & chips style kinda fish, doesn't it? It tasted abit betta dan I expectd tho... Tho I mus admit, my expectations weren't very high fer dis dish... BWAHAHAHAHA.

D drunken chicken ($4), I thot was quite pleasant tasting (cos twasn't bitta lyk wen dey r too trigga-happi wif d wine), until Jian pointd out dat d wine wasn't strong enuff. Oh well. In d pikchure here, yew can see d chicken has a missing piece. Again, our fault, as we fergot to tek piks until our greedy chopstiks had desecrated d chicken.

Beef slices ($4). Dunno wot it's realli calld. Blah...

Pig ears ($4). I've neva eaten before. Interestin, but nowt impressif... I hope dey cleand deir ears... BWHAHAHAH...

A (nowt veri nice) close-up of 1 piece of d piggy-ears.

D Stirfried Kailan ($10). Lyk normal kailan lor, but generous servin of d fried garlic bits.

Miserable lewkin xiaolongpao ($8 for 8 pieces).... But veri tasty!!! I was quite turned-off by d lewks of it at 1st, but wen I pickd 1 up wif my chopstiks, I noticed dat it had a saggy bottom (indicatif of juice inside, & thin skin). HEH. Twas nyummi!!

Close-up of a xiaolongpao.

Total price includin tea, pickles, teeshoo and service charge is abt $50. Again, am sorri dat d piks r lousy. I realli nid to repair my own fone. Wood I go back to Lao Beijing? Dunno... I dun fink we'd purposely go back dere la. & asso I fink is abit bo hua (not werf it) la.. Got Crystal Jade XLP & Imperial treasure ma... Can't go to Crystal Jade XLP during deir peak hours tho... D XLPs kinda lose deir soop (no QC fer XLPs wen busy la)... no good!!

Lao Beijing:

Plaza Singapura #03-01,

Tel: 6738 7207


Jian said...

Laugh like mad woman one.

Anonymous said...

i still prefer the dumpling nazi

Dracoholic said...

dumpling nazi? ah stiped this must be you! you like nazi's in general ... hmmm ... anyway, the dumpling nazi you speak about is the neil road one?

SumDumFul said...

if is d neil road one, well... i rememba bein slightly disappointd wif it... cos i fink dat raiken/stiped raved abowt it until our expectations abit high... ahahahahaha... i still say crystal jade & imperial treasure, fanks... partly asso cos dere's a wider variety of food?