Monday, February 05, 2007

The most disappointing Hot and Sour Soup!

Bei Fang Feng Wei over at Smith Street next to the ever so raved about Mala Steamboat place we usually write about has ultimately depressing Hot and Sour Soup!!!!

The Hot & Sour Soup had a "sai" flavor to it because the bamboo shoots were not clean, but no complaints about the service as the lady boss was nice enough to deduct it off the bill since we only had 2 spoonfuls of it. Continuing on, I also would advise you not to order the Xiao Long Bao, it's not bad for a non-Xiao Long Bao connoiseur, but if you are into eating Xiao Long Bao's advoid that place, the skin is a bit too tough, and the pork meat just doesn't melt in your mouth; honestly, I can even say that I think that Din Tai Fung taste better than the one's I had this afternoon. In the filling they use carrot and cabbage .... and the meat just had no taste to it... yes there was a great deal of soup but no taste!

We had 2 different noodles, the Zha Jiang Mian, which is quite ok but really I haven't found a nice one in Singapore, or even one that can match the one Mom makes ... I remember as a child we always had the Zha Jiang Mian from either this place called Cheong Hing or Lao Dai Kay in Flushing and Elmhurst respectively. Shant reminesce about days gone past, so I'll cut to the chase, the La Mian at Bei Fang Feng Wei is not bad at all, besides the Zha Jiang Mian, they've also got another signature noodle dish, you really should try it out, it's not bad at all!

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