Monday, February 05, 2007

1 Lunch and 2 Dinners

Brussels Sprouts
80 Mohammed Sultan Road #01-12 The Pier @ Robertson
Tel: 6887 4344

A beautiful day like Sunday landed me at Robertson Quay... my favorite hangout place on Sundays; you gotta love the ambience. And instead of coffee, tea or juices, we started with the typical breakfast for a sunday!

So the day of festivities started at Brussel Sprouts for lunch, really besides the beer being slightly reasonably priced, the food itself is no big hoohah... I mean honestly, the mussels that they so claim popularity for was smaller then the head of the fork ... basically pathetic ... now for some self praise ... I heard a few friends commenting that my impromptu sake mussels tasted better! Here are some pics for ya! Oh yah, the sausages were cut, so they look even more ugly then they actually are... hahahahaha ... One more thing to add, they have free flow fries with an order of mussels.

Unfortunate for you all, I didn't go out with my handy camera and was just using my phone to take pics, so the images are really off in colour.

Expensive food but cheap drinks and nice comfie decor, but I think you would rather stick to sitting inside cause the outside seats do get pretty warm. If you are looking for better mussels, you may want to try out Ooster at Pekin Street, I hear they have a good selection of Belgian beers as well.
Oosters' address:
25 Church Street, #01-04 Capital Square Three,Singapore 049482Tel: 6438 3210
And off I went with Lynx and Rice King to Crazy Horse for their last show, and of course I had to try the food before they closed ... so there we went for a rushed dinner! Ambience is lovely, love all the red and plush everything ... so cozy I wanted to sleep ... I mean honestly all of Crazy Horse is like RED, very classy not gaudy type.

The food was good, we had a type of crab meat salad which was deliciously done, and then shellfish bisque, which kind of tasted like penang prawn mee soup base, which we also loved; lastly we tried the steak (rib eye). Pretty much a thumbs up, too bad not many people knew about their restaurant ... from my understanding, there set lunches were reasonable.

I won't bother with posting up the address because they're closing down anyway and whatever takes over that spot will probably have a new kitchen crew and all.

I find it pretty disappointing that people don't know how to enjoy the Crazy Horse show as a type of French Art .... I mean honestly speaking the end of Crazy Horse may set back the education that Singapore has been trying to promote by maybe 2 years. Too early for their time, but of course the show does get stale if they don't do anything about changing the sets; however, that being said, Crazy Horse could have done more ... so I guess they weren't fully ready to take on Singapore and Singapore also wasn't ready for something like this.

Guess what, after the show and all, we were still having our little hunger pangs, so we went to search for food. We were supposed to go eat Naan, but then we came across Park 10, Korean Cuisine and Izakaya Bar.

Park 10, Clarke Quay, 3B River Valley Road, #01-14, Singapore 179021
Tel: 6332 1010

Last order is at 10:00 I think and restaurant closes at 11:00.

We ordered bbq beef ribs, pork collar neck, raw beef, and miso beef soup; all were pretty delightful. Unfortunately, the pricing is still pricier than our favorite Da Chang Jing, but what can I say, when you are craving for food, well you just gotta go eat it! Also they don't give as much side dishes :-( But to add to the plus part, the alcohol isn't expensive, we paid about $18 for a small bottle of sake. The thing about this place is I don't think they allow you to cook the food, so it's not as fun ... they have this big charcoal run bbq pit that they do all the bbq'ing in. Nice posh up class Korean joint!

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