Thursday, July 07, 2011


We went to Capricci last Friday as we felt like eating something nice! & something nice is what we got!

We ordered from the $39++ 3 course dinner. Funny thing though, it's not very publisized at the restaurant itself. When we got there, we had to ask if the promotion was on, even though we had already seen it on the website. Also, the table beside us came a little later than us, & had to ask for the promotion menu as the waiters do not automatically include it when they present you with the regular menu. I think the restaurant would be bustling, if they were more open about it. Mind, business is already brisk with the promotion menu half hushed. Hehe.

I ordered this Eggplant alla parmagiana mozzarella, basil & tomato for my starter. Yummy. jian thinks so too. It's possibly because they used nice sweet cherry tomatos too.

Jian's Prawn & avocado salad with extra virgin olive oil & citrus dressing. They gave him HALF an avocado (oh joy!) & the olive oil was very fragrant!

My main of Home made gnocchi gorgonzola, fontina & taleggio. Basically 3 types of cheese in the dish. I don't know which cheese was used to make the sauce. Upon the 1st mouthful, it was heaven, but I had a little bit of trouble shovelling the last of it down my throat, partly because I was kind of full, partly because perhaps it might have been a bit too rich.

Jian did not capture his Paccheri (sleeves) with homemade Italian sausage, Portebello mushroom & parmesean cream sauce. It was yummy, but I was asking where the sausage was, as I expected to see slices of sausage. What they did was they ground up the sausage or something, or dug the meat out of the skin... or something.

My dessert of Bounette ala Piemontese (cocoa pudding) with crushed amaretti biscuits. Very yummy, but the biscuits were a tad bit hard for my filling filled teeth. Nevertheless, I slowly crunched them down. Waahaahaahaa!

Jian's Semifredo with hazelnuts & coconut. This dessert was not to my liking, which is not their fault. It's just that I don't fancy dessicated coconut in anything else other than Ondeh Ondeh. The texture of it is pretty much like ice cream. Because of the strong coconut taste, I couldn't taste any hazelnuts in it. Pity.

The service at Capricci is excellent & friendly! We just feel they need to be more open about their promotion deal. Heh.

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