Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Aji No Mori @ Holland Village for a Late Lunch

Jian took leave on 25/08/2011 as we had an important appointment in the morning. He promised me a good lunch & I kind of wanted to eat ramen. So we popped over to Holland Village to see what we could find, ramen or no. We finally decided on Aji No Mori as they had lunch sets, which included some Cha Shu ramen set.

The decor inside is pretty nice. They have the section where people take of their shoes & sit on the walkable platform & stick their legs into the hole under the table. You know what I mean when you see it, really.

Them condiment containers are pretty cute too...

When you ask for green tea, they will tell you they don't serve green tea, but brown tea. It's all good.

UNFORTUNATELY, the Cha Shu ramen set was supposed to come with gyoza, but they RAN OUT & told me they'd substitute it with tori kaarage instead. Not being a fan of fried chicken & a better fan of gyoza, I decided to skip it (ggrr!) & ordered the Salmon Hot Pot set. Er, the waitress told me they were out of salmon head (thank god) & they'd substitute it with normal salmon meat instead. Very good for me.

Close up of the hot pot. Those fat rolls of cabbage have some other greener vege stuffed inside. Soup was slightly bland, but drinkable.

The cheesy scallop starter that came with my set. It tasted kind of fishy, possibly due to the fish roe. I think they used tobiko roe.

The chawanmushi had loads of stuff in it, including a gingko nut. This came with both sets.

Jian's curry rice set. Twas nice. There was also a potato salad that came with both sets. Didn't feel the need to take a picture of mashed up potatoes & bits of cucumber & carrots.

We were both so full up by the end of the meal & bear in mind, we did not even finish our rice! Too bad it was too late & they were closing for lunch, if not, I would have liked to hang around & have a spot of dessert.

I forget how much the bill was, but this meal included 2 happy hour beers. I think a guestimate of the cost this meal would be around $50.

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