Thursday, September 15, 2011

Quick Sale Dinner

Do not gasp at the 'use by' dates on the quick sale packaging, compared to the date of this post. We actually had this meal on the same day as the previously posted Aji No Mori meal.

After the heavy Aji No Mori meal, we walked around Holland Village for a bit (mind, there is nothing much to cover there), felt a bit sleepy & decided to buy stuff from Cold Storage & cook a simple dinner afters. That's when we found HOARDS or quick sale items!!! We just can't resist buying quick sale!!

Check it out:

There were other sausages on quick sale, but we've never tried this brand before & it seemed the healthiest one, according to the packaging, anyway.

Upon opening the packaging, we found that the sausages looked like they were really mostly meat with minimal fats. Meat from which part of the cow, I don't want to know.

The fried up sausages! We parboiled the sausages first, of course. The taste was alright. I would buy these again on quick sale. They WERE a tad bit on the tough side, though, but I guess it's to be expected, since they seemed quite lean for sausages.

A chicken pie & a spinach quiche. We saw another chicken pie going for $2.50 or $2.55 & frankly speaking, even though the price difference is negligible, we obviously chose the cheaper one.

Chicken pie was good. I should have savoured it instead of wolfing it down, really.

This quiche had a cinnamon taste to it, which we felt didn't go too well with a savoury quiche. I should have eaten the quiche first & saved the chicken pie for the last.

This parmesan was not from quick sale. In fact, we bought it from Meidi-Ya quite a while ago & only broke it out of the packaging on this quick sale meal day. It was purchased at normal price, but normal price is cheaper than other brands of parmesan cheese. Jian likes it. I grated some into an omelette the other day.

Our fibre intake for the night.

Pesto from Italy that Jian's brother brought back. It costed him 13 euros for the jar. It looks like a 500g jar? Good stuff though.

Pepper dip Jian bought from a fair. It's not very nice on it's own, so the next time we had it, we squeezed some lemon & added some salt in it. Much better that way.

Can't really give a price for this meal, but I guess we can add $5 to $10 to the price of the quick sale items.

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