Monday, September 19, 2011

Tango's for Dinner

We've been to Tango's before, but we've only really had drinks & eaten the clams or mussels or both. So we decided to have dinner there on some weekday that Jian could get off early-ish from work, which seems to be an extremely rare occasion these few months, which is a cause for celebration, really.

Stuffed or baked mushrooms. I didn't expect them to taste so chinese-style. The stuffing was like fish paste with a generous (perhaps too generous) amount of chinese celery in it. The dipping sauce, according to Jian, seemed japanese inspired.

Spicy meatballs. They were not bad, but not fantastic. I think Jian liked it more than me.

Oxtail stew with fettucine. I thought this was the best dish we had that night. I mean, I am probably biased here, as I love to eat stew, but mind, I can tell the difference between good & bad stew too, alright, the worst being at this pub at Traas street called 'Obama's' or something or the other. Burnt taste all the way. :S Not that this one was any fantastic. I just said I'm biased as I think this is the best of the lot of mediocore tasting food that night. Jian cannot decide if it's the spicy meatballs or the stew.

Anyway, we felt that the food was not fantastic. It was just so-so and not really something to crow about. I guess this place really is mainly a drinking place after all.

OK, I know that Pure Blonde is not exactly a new beer anymore, but it's still one of my favourite beers & I have been depreived of it for too long. Despite Jian always suggesting I try new things, I managed to not be swayed this time round & ordered me my Pure Blonde (happy hour, making it 2 bottles). Haahaa!

It's happy hour until 8pm, so it's 141 for all beers (they do have a decent selection) & a lower price for other drinks. 141 Asahi all night.

Jian had 2 pints of Erdingers & a lime margarita, happy hour pricing, of course.

Our bill was $102.99.

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