Thursday, October 05, 2006

Nanbantei At Far East Plaza

last night was another binge night for eve and i. we dined at nanbantei japanese rstaurant at FEP. specialising in yakitori (japanese charcoal grill), this cosy little eatery provided a fun and novel dining experience for me. and you get to sit at the bar and watch the chef in action. we ordered a huge spread for juz the two of us - assorted sashimi platter, garlic rice, cucumber/wakame seaweed in vinegar sauce, grilled teriyaki codfish, cold tofu salad and various grilled yakitori sticks. we had -

  • asparagus maki (asparagus wrapped with pork)
  • tsukune (minced chicken balls)
  • okura maki (ladyfingers wrapped with pork)
  • gyu yaki (beef steak)
  • mini tomato maki (mini tomatoes wrapped with bacon)
  • shishito (grilled eggplant wrapped in shiso leaves)
  • nikuzume shiitake (stuffed shiitake mushrooms)
  • nasu ohba maki (i forgot wot this is, too many items!)
  • yasai sticks (grilled japanese green peppers)

we took only a few shots, as there were simply too many items to take.

assorted sashimi platter

mini tomatoes wrapped with bacon

grilled eggplants wrapped with shiso leaves

and i finally got to try nigori sake for the first time. it's a coarse-filtered sake which looks cloudy and is unlike any other sakes i've had. creamy and sweet, i must say it took a bit of getting used to, but turned out yummy and lush once i got the hang of it.

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