Thursday, October 05, 2006

Tueday's Dinner Party

so i cooked dinner on tuesday for vic's very belated birthday. it was a five people sit-down affair with of cos, lots of wine and drinks. as everyone expected, dinner was delayed. it was served at 9pm instead of the appointed time, which was supposed to be 8pm. as always, i'm meticulous and fastidious when it comes to the chopping, dicing and the food styling even in my haste. the menu of the day was:

starter -
  • crab and grapefruit appetiser
  • mixed salad with balsamic dressing
  • crostini/bread with thai lemongrass pate

main course -

  • panfried salmon with green apple salsa, portobello mushroom balsamico, asparagus and wasabi mash

needless to say, we all ended up satiated to the point of food coma. and we washed it all down with lots of booze, yippee!


Anonymous said...

When Satellite cooks, it's fine dining ... when Draco cooks it highly resembles Zhi Cha . :-)

satellite said...

and who might this "anonymous" be?

Dracoholic said...

who else but moi...