Friday, October 13, 2006

Our Fav Jap Haunt, En Dining.

the reasons why we keep on going back to En restaurant? great service, great (and pretty!) food, good variety of sakes, nice ambience and best of all, Pixie gets to come along whenever we go there. there is always something new and interesting surprises to be discovered in their menu. despite the dainty portions and not so dainty prices, En has never disappointed. we had always enjoyed the pleasant dining cum sake sessions there. thats why, draco and i were there again on wed night, doing wot we do best- eating and drinking.

we had the spicy kimchi porkskin/cucumbers and all-time fav seared tuna tataki for starters-

then we had tempura oysters wrapped in shiso leaves which were rather unremarkable, unagi (eel) maki and goya Ohitashi (marinated raw bittergourd in vinegar soya sauce) once again.

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Dracoholic said...

yes and for a person that doesn't enjoy eating bitter gourd ... well their bitter gourd salad thing isn't bad...