Sunday, December 31, 2006

Basil Alcove (YUM)

Jian & I went to dat 'Basil Alcove' today, wifout advance booking. Twas full house, so we left his numba wif d waita & went to (a veri empty) 'Roomful of Blues' to hv a dwink whilst waitin. We had 2 pints of Erdinger (bottled one) for $22+++ ($25 sumfing). D bartenda was frenly tho...

Wen we went back afta gettin d call frem 'Basil Alcove', d pony-tailed waita was veri frenly & he went thru d chef's recommendations & wot's unavailable (d bratwurst sausage). Jian says dat he shood b a deejay, cos he speeks well & is very talkatif... He hisself asso said (wifout us promptin) dat he was, wen I was askin him abowt d 'The Beer to Dine For' beer. Came inna big (750ml) bottle as d small one is currently unavailable. Dis beer is speshulli designd to go wif food one, as it is less gassy (nowt flat hor) & FROOTY.... Yummi! 1 bottle $14.20... I fink... It's lyk a hybrid beer/wine dwink.

We startd wif a mixd mushroom plate fing ($6.80) Is shitake & button. Comes wif a balsamic vinegar wif olive oil dip. Nice... tho I wish d vinegar was a bit mo sticky so it cood adhere isself to d mushrooms betta... But I suppose is ok, cos we dun realli want d taste to ovapowa d mushrooms rite?

Den came d 1/2 dozen mussels ($4.80). Cookd wif garlic & got sum watery sauce. Nice asso.

Jian had de lamb rack ($16.80).... Drizzled wif interestin sauce (2 types I fink... one has marmalade. Wait fer Jian to wake up, den I will ask him again). Medium rare. TENDA!!!! SWEET!!!

I had d pan-fried cod ($16.80). D veges had pomegranate seeds thrown in asso. Dose lil red balls are d pomegranate seeds! Added sum zest to d dish... Of cos, d cod isself is aready yummi. Had carrot foam/froth!!! Dat's d yellow stuff dat lewks lyk it's oozing out of god-knows-where.... I fink it was supposed to be seated on top of d cod, tho... I've neva eaten carrot foam/froth before!! *faint*

We had between us, 1 Leffe Blonde ($6.90) & 1 Hoegaarden ($6.90)(330ml bottles) & a big (750ml) 'The Beer to Dine For' ($14.20).

Total bill: $74.20. No service charge one.

Happi Belated Burfday to me!!!

Yew lot shood try d Chicken wif Avocado & Peach asso. D dish oni costs less dan $10 (I fink is $7.90 or $8.90 or summat) & d peach goes VERY well wif d chicken n avocado (of cos rite, if nowt, he woon add d peach to d dish). I fed my fren a moufful & she almost faintd. (Akcherli, it sorta reminds me of TCC's Chicken & Mango Sannie. Similar concept.... Dis marryin of frooty flavours wif chicken is a veri gewd fing!!! *Pats my tum*)

De next time we go back to Basil, we gonna try d next 2 fings on d menu (werkin our way down bah)... D duck & d pork ribs......

Book in advance on Saturdays (& prolli Fridays too). Gets crowded.

Basil Alcove
190 Middle Road
#01-07, Fortune Centre
(S) 188979
(You got to walk out of the building. It is along Middle Road)
Tel: 63361318
Opening hours: 12pm to 10pm daily; closed on Mondays
I fink dey close fer lunch at 3pm tho... or sumfing... & re-open fer dinna at dunno wot time.

Jian said dat dere is anotha place around Bugis dat has a similar concept to Basil Alcove. Dat Xiaxue blogga was invited to eat dere. He wantd to try, but got turnd off by d restaurant's media-whore-ishness. I am goin to read abowt it now.... Lata den drag him dere n try.
Mind, I know dat d pikchures are nowt veri gewd... (Where's my trusty Sony Ericsson k750i wen yew nid it?? 2.o megapixels betta dan nothing...)
01/01/2007- Sorri. Bin informd dat dey open at abowt 12(+)pm to 2:30pm fer lunch & re-open fer dinna at 6:30pm fer dinna. Last ordas at 9:30pm.


Anonymous said...

we open at about 12+ for lunch and close at about 2.30. start dinner at 6.30 and last order is normally around 9.30. Glad you liked the food

SumDumFul said...

I din knw dere were outsidas lurkin arownd our blog....

Anonymous said...

i already told pang that its a nice and cheap place to eat at wat. but he like dun believe... cheh!

SumDumFul said...

eh why is dis raiken pretendin to be anonymous ar?