Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Akashi Japanese Restaurant (Paragon) Basement

California Rolls

Satellite and I actually wanted to go to Sushi Tei, but it was close to last order and there was still a long Q and there was only cold foods left, so we decided to make our way downstairs to try out Akashi.


I don't remember anything really spectacular about the place, but it passes for a Jap restaurant I guess, but I like the fact that there wasn't much traffic down there. Prices are a bit steep.

We had Fried Oysters, Sashimi, Short Ribs, Lamb, California Rolls, Soup, Salad, and Gyozas. One thing I can remember which I wasn't too happy about was that the short ribs actually had a bit of lamb taste in it. I think the cooks got lazy and didn't clean the grill correctly.

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Camemberu said...

Hi, chanced upon your blog while looking up Akashi. I also just blogged about it. Guess we both don't really find it outstanding. Cheers!