Sunday, June 24, 2007

Basil Alcove (Yet Once Again)

Yet once again, Jian & I made our way down to Basil Alcove to haf dinna. De greedy piglet ordad 2 (TWO!) main courses!!!!

Anyways, dis is de Smoked Duck wif Zuccini. It went inna flash. BWAHAHAHAHA. & woteva he says, I (ME) took dis foto. I fink I took all d goddamnd fotos!!

Pork Knuckle in Aspic. Twas d highlite of d evenin! *FAINT*
His 1st main course, de Mushroom & Bacon Aglio Olio, came 1st. Duh, is 1st cos it came 1st mah... WAHAHAHA. Plenty of stuff inside!

His 2nd main course, de Balsamico Duck Breast. Dis was v juicy... Like a juicy steak liddat.

Ok, d sauce was interesting. Wen de waiter came wif d dish, he stir-stirrd it & it was lyk a science experiment liddat. It fizzled.... jus fer d moment..... Dunno wot twas fer tho... LOL.. Wen I tried to stir it again, narfing happened. Oh wellsk.....

My Pan-Fried Salmon!!!! I LURV SALMON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D skin was crispy & d salmon was yummi! I finishd my food lyk a gewd lil kitty dat I is. Plus de greens to puke out any hairballs lata... AHAHAHAHAHA... OK. Jian said dat d salmon was lyk... salmon liddat lor.... But I dun care. Is yummi salmon. *mow*

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