Sunday, March 09, 2008

Santouka" or "山頭火"-

Santouka is a popular hokaido style ramen shop in Japan which is now located in The Central @ Clarke Quay, #02-76.

The regular ramen - Miso, Shoyu, Shio, Karai Miso are going for about $12++ per bowl, char siew ramen (with same flavours) is about $15++ per bowl.

The prices are ok, but the shop is really small, I think at max you can probably fit about 30 people inside.

I was with some friends so we basically each had one type of ramen! I couldn't really determine what all the hype was about, as I found that it was comparitive to other ramen joints that I have been to. I ordered the Tokusen Toroniku Ramen the house speciality with kara miso. Tokusen Toroniku is roasted cheeks from the pig's head; it is very tender and tasty (this is the only differentiating factor compared to other ramen shops). They only have enough to serve 80 servings of tokusen toroniku each day and when their soup runs out they will close early. The meat is served separate along with the condiments for the ramen.

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