Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Boogers (Draco's Way of Spellin Burgas) @ KSC

We were promised boogers many many moons ago. By Draco. Until we fergot abowt it. Den she promised us boogers again. & she deliverd on Sunday!!!! SEE!!!!

I shooda teken a pic of it opened, cos de booger patti is.. er.. was VVV thick & perfectly round!!! The bums were toasted wif cheese on top liao... mmMmmMMm. We assembled awr own boogers; put own lettuce inside, put own avocado, tomato, onions.... sauces, if yew wantd (I put mustard & mustard seeds oni, brudda & sista put almost de werks). Jian put so much dat he coon lift de booger up frem de plate. Satellite had to use utensils... I cood lift mine off my plate, but I had to open my mouf FURRY wide..... Be booger patti got proscuito & foie gras inside lei! SO GEWD!! De coleslaw furry yummi asso.... & dey prepared a HUGE mound of fried tater fings as well! Fries & de ball fings (pomme sumfing). Jian ate alot of fried fings. I din, cos wen I went out wif my fren earlier, we had munchies liao, so I was full... FURRY full.... EHEHEHEHE.... I wan summo booger nites... I wan Sangria + Booger nite.... lei...

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