Sunday, October 24, 2010

White Truffle Delight!

Dinner at my sister's!! White truffles from some Ang Moh land! I think it was France or Italy. I'm quite sure it's France though. Anyway, my sister bought 2 or 3 white truffles for SGD$300+!!! Between 5 people, we ate tucked into our $60 to $80 (per person) worth of truffles, guzzled various expensive champagne & wines & finished off the meal with lamb chops. Nawhawhawhaw! I do not have the pictures of the lamb, but Jian does.

A truffle & truffle shaver. You can toggle the thinness of the truffle shavings with the little knob on the side. Truffles are ugly looking things, aren't they? White truffles are mostly about the smell. The moment you open the packet, the lovely truffle smell hits you straightaway. The taste is subtle but super delightful!

This was scrambled egg whites with truffle shavings on top & it was the second part of the meal. The first part of the meal was my lotus root salad. That was yum-o too!

A close up of the egg whites with truffles. Mmmm -MM!

Porcini Risotto with (of course) white truffle & parmesan cheese! We all had 2 helpings each! I ate mine very very slowly to savour the truffle taste. It's not everyday one gets to eat white truffles, you know.

Close up picture of Jian's plate of risotto. His had the thinner slices of white truffles! U can almost see the risotto through the truffles! Marvelous!

Roasted lamb! You just dust the top with a bit of sea salt & freshly ground black pepper. BURP!

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