Tuesday, October 05, 2010

TGI Fridays....... NOTTTTTT!

Had the worst experience possible at TGIFs in Singapore ... really worst experience. Wings weren't spicy ... neither did they ask what level of spiciness you'd like ... My club sandwich came with cheap shoulder ham that you can find at any NTUC Fair Price.

This was so majorly disappointing, to see that TGIF's from the US go to shit... They should revoke the franchisees licsense

Servers were busy standing around and the most humorous part of everything was that they spent more time doing their rally calls, chatting and goofing around with each other than actually serving.

Cold Mozzerella sticks, Loaded Potato Wedges that were like rocks that can kill....

If anyone ever asks me to go to TGIF ... I'll tell the to go to Chilis instead! The quality of food and service is a universe apart for these two restaurants.

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Satellite said...

yes, so NOT worth it at all. $16 plus for a lousy cheapo club sandwich which came with bright pink cheap fake ham(gasp!), wilting strands of lettuce and dry turkey. submarine's sandwiches are of a way better quality and cheaper too. never again i'll go to TGIF. wot a disappointment.