Tuesday, October 05, 2010

G7 Liang Kee Restaurant

The service was ok but the food sub-par compared to the Mu Liang Zai Laing Kee Restaurant on the same Havelock stretch.

The food wasn't great and my phone was almost out of batteries so I didn't bother taking many pictures of the food.

This was a birthday treat from a friend ... but I think we choose the wrong Liang Kee restaurant.
There are actually 3 versions of the original Liang Kee restaurant. G7 Liang Kee Restaurant at Havelock which we went for this birthday treat. This shop is run by Madam Liu the Taiwanese partner of the original Liang Kee when they moved to Havelock Road which she took over because of a bad working relationship with the brothers. After that, the brother's opened Liang Kee in Robertson Quay and relocated again to Whampoa West when the retnals were too exhorbatant at Robertson Quay. Around the same time, Hong Seng the younger brother decided to open another at Havelock, Mu Liang Zai Laing Kee.

Ok so back to the food

Pomfret was over cooked and was tasteless
Teochew braised duck was also tasteless and the meat wasn't as tender and succulent as it should be (Mu Liang Zai Liang Kee does a far better job)
Fried prawn rolls, beancurd and seafood rolls wasn't bad at all
Sambal crayfish tasted more like it had a chilli crab sauce
Oyster omlette passed the test

And for the Veg ... it never came ... although we repeatedly ordered it a few times.

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