Friday, November 26, 2010

Birthday at Moi Lum

I used to pass by Moi Lum and really wanted to go in and try the place as they consider themselves affordable & casual chinese dining, and all the pictures outside the restaurant look yummy! Yes, I am a sucker for imagery. The restaurants been around since the 1920's and was actually once located at Murray Terrace next to another eatery I used to like to frequent that sold dumplings and stuff.

They have now moved a couple doors down to 38 Maxwell Road, Airview Building, #01-01.

We ordered the $298 set menu and finished 2 bottles of Prosecco and a bottle of delicious Shiraz; thanks Jian! One of the most favorite dishes that night for me was the sharksfin and the egg roll. Funny though, the famous crispy chicken didn't make the mark for me. I liked the sharksfin soup because it was not as thick and jalat as other places would make it, quite fragrant, but I don't think I saw or got to taste any fin in it.

Unfortunately, the plating wasn't nice so we didn't bother taking much photos. On another note though, the service was quite disappointing... they served us like they were rushing us out of the restaurant. If they had served us in an appropriately slow manner, we would have been able to drink all 5 bottles of wine I brought and perhaps even the 2 extra bottle of wines that Jian and Satellite's parents brought. We brought a lot cause there is no corkage!

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