Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Japanese Ramen Lunch

Halloween lunch, 31st October 2010. Ramen. Instant ramen all the way from Japan.

Dracoholic took this picture of the box for me, post blog. It's a waste if we don't show off the package that took a plane here. The noodles, when dry, really didn't look like it would fill my tummy, but it was really filling! We only realised it after we took the noodles out of the soup & separated them into the bowls. Jian didn't even finish his portion!

My bowl! The prettiest of the three!

The soup turned blue-ish after I threw the purple cabbage in. Nevermind. It was Halloween after all. It did make the soup look a tad insipid (& the cabbage turned ugly afterwards, as you can see), but it was yummy nonetheless. The pickled red ginger came with the noodles. I felt it was a bit of a stingy amount, but perhaps it's just me. The yellow pickles & Kurobuta pork were two appropriate items that Dracoholic had in her fridge already.

I finished the whole bowl, but was very full after. Dracoholic wasted the most noodles. We should have just used 2 packets of noodles & split it into 3, but like I said, the noodles looked a right pathetic portion when dry. Poo.

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