Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Best Korean Food in Singapore

Besides indulging ourselves in the comfort of our home, whereby the meal becomes something between korean and japanese style, we love going to this place called Da Chang Jing ... it's just like the TV Show ... the food is splendid and awesome and we get our little private rooms where you can have the privacy and a waiter/waitress to serve you your meal. You eat like a king/queen! Too bad we haven't managed to convince the management to let us sneak a dog in yet ... but i doubt we will ever bring Pixie. Just imagine we go and eat korean food and we already come out smelling like we've been in someones kitchen the whole day.... and the smell doesn't come off so easily... The most amazing thing is that it's not that expensive and you'll actually get really really full. Lots and lots of side dishes, and the cool part is that almost everytime we go, it's something different.

Compared to Sarebol, Da Chang Jing definitely beats them. Sarebol's self proclaimed infamous Korean food was an extreme disappointment. From service to taste, the entire experience was depressing. I even had to LS after the meal, which made my stay at Acid Bar that night short and depressing.

Our meal at Da Chang Jing was about the same price as Sarebol, and the portions at Da Chang Jing actually fed 6 people whereby Sarebol was just enough for 3; unfortunately, we had lots of left overs at Sarebol cause the food was just horrendous.

Need I say more, compare the photos for yourself! These are the photos from Sarebol.

Da Chang Jing gets our vote and is located at the Yess Leisure, 25 Shenton Way! Must try must try!!! Afterward you can go to K at Party World which is in the same complex!

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Jian said...

How much per person? I want to eat.