Monday, November 20, 2006

Jerry's Delivery Courteosy of Cuisine Express

One late night me, Rice King and Lynx decided we were too lazy to cook, however, our ultimate problem is that Lynx is on the Atkins Diet ... what a pain in my butt!!!!

So we decided to order from Jerry's! The food was good as usual ... mmm you gotta try it ... delicious ... the wings are delicious as usual ... but kind of lacked the kick you can get at Jerry's itself.

Maybe I am going through my super spicy phase where I can eat lots of spicy things, cause the other day when I went to this Mala Steamboat at West Coast there ... well it wasn't really spicy enough for me also. Hmmm ..... like Lynx says: ur so strange ... sometimes can eat spicy sometimes cannot even touch.

Feast your eyes on our food for 3:

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