Monday, November 20, 2006

Eat Until Sweat & Burst

After reading several forum discussions and food blogs talking about this Thosai restaurant, I decided to bring Sumdumful to eat at Sri Kamala Vilas Restaurant, because she was an Indian woman in her previous life. Sri Kamala Vilas isn't really a restaurant, it really looks just like a coffeeshop. But even though it may look very small from the entrance, there's really ample seating at the back.

Masala Thosai
My Masala Thosai was good. I think there are usually 3 types of condiments served with thosai. My favorite is the thick orange one you can see in the picture. I think it's called Sambar (not sure). Some places like Sakunthala's at Dunlop St. (another famous thosai place), don't serve sambar though. The thosai was filled with a generous amount of masala curried potato. I should have cut it open to reveal the potato inside.

 Masala Rava
Sumdumful had Masala Rava. Note the size of the Rava compared to her body! In case you don't know what Rava is, it is very much like thosai, except that it is crispy, has lots of holes in it, and a bit oilier - probably fried. The rava here comes embedded with flavourful sliced green chillies and fragrant curry leaves. Very Delicious. It was served the same way as my Masala Thosai.

Masala Chicken
And we shared the Masala Chicken! :P~~~
Very fiery and delicious. I must go back and eat soon. The masala chicken was very hot and spicy. And the serving was huge too. I thought the server had intentionally given us a large order so they could charge more, but this plate was only an unbelievable $3. The chilli-red chicken came with lots of thick gravy which we ate with our thosai. There were lots of onions, curry leaves, star anise, and other indian spices in the gravy.

The servings here were so huge that even though we only ordered the 3 items above, I couldn't finish my food, which is unusual for me. The food, especially the masala chicken, was also very hot. So, we ate until we were SWEATING & BURSTING! We also ordered lime juice which went beautifully with the food and helped douse some of the tongue fire.

The final bill for 2 of us, including 2 cups of lime juice, turned out to be about $9.20 only. I'm coming back for more.

Sri Kamala Vilas Restaurant (not Komala Vilas)
Block 662, Buffalo Road (Tekka Market)#01-16
Beside the POSB ATMs

Just found out - Sambar is actually the vegetarian curry.
The orange and white coloured pastes are tomato and coconut chutneys respectively

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