Saturday, November 25, 2006

Dem Oishii Curry Puffs :-S

We ate 'Oishii Curry Puffs' today (Chinatown dere one).... Dere were:

1) Oishii Puff (lyk chicken pie liddat one.. non-spicy)
2) Traditional puff (Old Chang Kee style one)
3) Black Peppa Chicken Puff (nuff said..... no curry one... is black peppa sauce one)
4) Sardine Puff (cheh)
5) Prawn Puff (replace d chicken n eggs wif jus 2 miserable prawns.. spicy one)
6) Vegetarian Puff (I fink dis one asso non-spicy one.... Mebe lyk a fried soon kueh liddat??)
7) Happy Puff (chicken n cashew nuts.. non-spicy one)

If dere were anymo, I can't rememba.... Dat Jian very happi today... We shared 3 curry puffs. We had a traditional, a prawn & an oishii puff. I lykd d oishii puff d best, cos it was lyk... kinda creamy inside... Cos of d cheese inside, I fink... Den d traditional, den d prawn one.... Actualli, I din particularli fancy d prawn one... Cos I dun realli lyk to eat prawns... As fer d traditional one.... well... I still lyk d 'Old Chang Kee' curry puffs betta... I fink partly cos deirs bigga... Mebe d flavour mo robust all..... EHEHEHEHE.... Overall conclusion.... nice, fat, skin crispy n not too thick (lyk sum places dat lyk to cheat ppl of fillings?) & fillings sufficient.... Can try la... Next time we'll go back n try d otha flavours... Btw, it's 6 fer d price of 5... Betta buy all d same priced ones... I can't realli rememba how much dey were..... I FINK d vege, traditional, oishii & sardine were $1 each. D rest were $1.20, but DUN quote me ok.... I SAID aready dat I'm NOT SURE.

We ate inside d shop itself... Quite miserable... Got halfway cookd stuff all around (fillings n all). I'd ratha buy n tek away... We bot a can of Iced Lemon Tea to wash it down. Dat stewpid Jian say until lyk very nice liddat, d combi. Afta gorgin hisself on curry puffs, still dare to say curry puffs fattenin all... Wot a stewpid twit... D eldery lady behind d counta asso abit daft... She actd lyk she din realli wan to sell us d curry puffs.... AHAHAHAHAHA.....

Nar... gif yew all see pikchure:

Oishii Curry Puff is located at
12 Upper Cross Street Singapore 058329
Tel: 6220 9377
There is a running promotion where customers who purchase 5 items will get the 6th one free.

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Dracoholic said...

hmmm i wonder if the other people who read this know what you are talking about sumdumful? shall i translate your transcript?

Anyway to all the other readers out there, it is suggested to read sumdumful's writing out loud, you'll get a better understanding of what she is writing! Muahahahahaha