Monday, November 20, 2006

Chicken Chop or Kill The Chicken

Wahhh look at us ... all ready and prepared to attack the kitchen!!!

Well well, we decided to cook again cause it's just too tough thinking about what to eat when we go out when Lynx is on this wonderful Atkins diet. Last week when we went grocery shopping I picked up some chicken and promised Lynx that I'd cook chicken chop for her, after her yucky experience at Coffee Club with their Rosemary Chicken. It was tasteless and dry with little bits and pieces of rosemary. Instead of Rosemary Chicken, I made her Chicken Chop in brown sauce. Actually I didn't realize it was Rosemary Chicken ... Anywho, that's what I made Chicken Chop Yum Yum ... it's pretty difficult cooking for Lynx now cause everything has to be flourless and carbless ... we've cut down on carbs so much in the house that I feel faint sometimes.

Of course, my attempt at food styling is pathetic (partially it's cause I couldn't thicken the sauce) ... anyway I am practicing, next time will make one nice nice for you all to see! Oh and to add to that we had some salad and fried cod fish with chowda garlic and onions!


satellite said...

eh, wot's that on the glass plate? looks like prata or pancake of some sorts with raisins and stuffs.

Dracoholic said...

cod fish lor ... wah i am good food stylist ... can make cod fish look like prata/pancake with rasins! Yippy! I've graduated!