Sunday, July 15, 2007

Ambush (Strange Name fer a Place to Eat at, Dun Yew Fink)

Dis pasta place lewkd quite popula. & dey had interesting sounding pastas (considerin dey are jus a casual dining place) lyk Slippa Lobsta & Scallops wif Fish Roe, of wich de latta I had on Friday. De tables are furry close togetha tho & de staff ask if yew dun mind sharing a (already squeezy) table wen it's beezee. Yew jus can't say 'no' wen yer starving & if yew say 'no' wen yer already seatd, yew will seem v ungrateful. Correct? Anyways... abowt de food....

Jian's Swedish Meatball Spaghetti in Marinara Sauce ($8.80) came 1st (I fink). Twas on promo, but ONI wif spaghetti. So if yew orda it wif linguine, dey charge yew de normal price (wich is lyk $10, I fink). Asso, de boy at de cownta din tell Jian so. I fergot to tell Jian cos my mind was driftin all ova de place. Until lata. Den he changed it to spaghetti lor. He says the marinara sauce tasted abit weird cuz it tasted a bit of BBQ sauce. De meatballs (I had one) were kinda dry lei.

De Seafood Platta (ferget how much) came 2nd (I was starving liao). I haf neva bin so grateful to see a supa cheesy (ie. fattenin) dish in my whole entire life! 2 kinds of shellfish, prawns, squid & 2 kinds of fish in a creamy sauce. I can oni identify 1 type of shellfish (mussels) & 1 type of fish (salmon! MWAHAHAHA). I ate alot of salmon.

My Scallops & Fish Roe in Cream Sauce Fusili (can't rememba how much. $11.80 or summat). Fer a cream sauce, twas kinda watery. Twas ok, I suppose. I lyk de fish roe cos dey pop wen yew bite em. WAHAHAHA.

Yew pay at de cownta wen yew orda & water is self service. Afta yew pay, de staff will arrange fer seats fer yew. Yew mite haf to share. Oh wellsk. Dis is at de basement of Ngee Ann City one. Mo to de back, near d checkout countas fer de supamarket. Yew can go to their pretty website


Jian said...

The food wasn't fantastic, the seats were cramped, and we had to sit elbow to elbow with neighbours and overhear their conversations. But I think I would still come back to try out the other interesting items on their menu. Quite cheap also.

Dracoholic said...

Simple la ... Ambush your taste buds with funny tasting food ... or so it seems funny tasting according to the blog ... Anyhow ... I also can cook!!! lol

SumDumFul said...

*Ambushes Dracoholic to cook fer us* MWAHAHAHAHAHA