Monday, July 02, 2007

Chinatown NY Midnight Supper

I totally forgot to post these pictures up when I returned from the US. The night after my Mom's surprise party, I went down to Chinatown for supper in the middle of the night with one of my Mom's friends ... my friend ... easier put, family friend that keeps my skin looking beautiful!

2 People ate like 5 dishes ... of course there was a soup, which I don't remember what type of soup it was but it was very nice! I think it was some turtle soup or some type of soup that I don't know how to make at home ... apparently afterwards I found out that their sharksfin is superb ... darn should have ordered that!

The pics are a bit blurry but anyway I was very happy, I got to eat my perriwinkles (chut chut), one of my favorite seafoods ... I think it's fun to eat or something!

Then of course we also had the Fried Pigs Intestine that I long and crave for cause I haven't really found a place in Singapore that really does it the way I like them ... I think I finished the whole plate .... muahahahahahaha .... Of course the photos of the things I really really like to eat must be big big one!!!

Oh yah ... and we had some healthy stuff too! Veg with preserved bean curd, the thing that people call Chinese Cheese ... yummy ... it's a very savory taste ... and the smell I guess it's like an acquired smell ... kind of like belachan. Then some nice tofu that is pan fried and then steamed in a nice sauce ... not really sure how they do it but it was very smooth .... yum yum when I go back, I gotta go back to this restaurant which I don't remember the name but I know how to walk there!

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