Sunday, July 08, 2007

Ikukan @ Club St

Twas de nite of awr anniversary. I wantd to eat Japanese. He brot me to Ikukan to eat high class contemporary Japanese food. FWAH! Nice lei! Dis food is de died-&-gone-to-heaven-&-came-back-down-&-went-back-up-to-heaven-again kinda. Jus lewk!!!

My starta of d $62+++ set. I ferget wot is calld... dunno wot prefix set la, but am FURRY sure dat Jian will rectify it fer me wen am nowt arownd. (Jian says: Ok, it's Prix Fixe. Meaning fixed price set. We got to select 1 dish each from 4 courses - 2 appetizers, main and dessert) Oysters wif a special (& dam yummi) sauce. I can't tell wot's inside, but Jian says dat dere is radish inside.
His sashimi salad starta. Nowt bad la. De sauce asso nice one. (Jian says: and bursting Salmon Roe too. In Japanese Sesame Dressing)

My panfried black peppa (and pink peppercorns) maguro slices wif mashd taters at da bottom. Is seard one, so inside is still raw. NYUM!

His baked hotate. Creamy sauce one (dam fattenin) wif brinjal & sum otha vege inside asso. Nice tho. (Delicious Scallops, Prawns and Eggplant covered in baked melty garlicky creamy cheese sauce) De brown rice dat I chose to haf wif my set. Jian chose white rice. Dun fink one nids a pikky of dat one. Dere are red beans in me rice. So Jian finishes his white rice & kips pickin on mine. I grumbled abit la, but I coon finish it anyways... LOL

My steak slices (Beef Sumiyaki)!!! Again, is jus seard on de outside. Dos lil dollops of sauce are mustard & a mystery (slightly spicy) sauce fing. I din ask wot it was la. De beef so nice! Cannot tek bites out of it one... Mus stuff de whole piece into de mouf... Of cos, I cooda cut it up 1st, rite? WRONG. We were oni provided wif chopsticks, so bo bian. AHAHAHAHA. Not say I purposefulli wantd to be barbaric & de lyks, ok.

His codfish. I noticed dat Jian's reacshun to fish is alwayhs... mediocore. De las tym, he described my salmon as... jus tasting lyk salmon. He said pretti much de same fing fer his cod. I suppose he wishd dat his cod cooda bin mo exciting. BUT DEN.... cod is meant to taste lyk cod.... Oh wellsk... (It was done to the right doneness and wasn't overcooked, hence retained it's delicious cod texture and flavour)

My green plum granite. Is actualli green plum sherbet la. Say until so cheem, I thot wot all. Supposed to be wif green plums, but dey ran out, so dey replaced it wif froots. Nice la. Afta a heavy meal, I thot twas ok.... unlyk.....

Jian de piglet, who HAD to haf sumfing chocolatey. Chocolate fondant fing. Was FURRY chocolatey! ("Piping Hot Chocolate Fondant" - Molten Oozing Chocolate Cake)

Wash it all down wif cold sake. NYUM. Dat signifys de end of my sake phobia circa 2 birfdays ago.

Siiiigh. So GEWD!!!!!!!!! (Yes, honestly everything was really delicious.)

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