Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Fish Tales - Clark Quay

Actually I first knew about Fish Tales awhile ago, I was introduced by a friend that is mad crazy about oysters as well! They were having their Weds $1 Oyster special.... I had been there many times in the past year ... never really enjoyed any of their other dishes until ....... recently when I went back with Satellite.

Initially we were on our way to Hooters, and had already been seated inside Hooters; unfortunately, they told us, no steamed clams and no oysters, all sold out .... or something like that ... couldn't really understand the accent on the waitress. Oh yah, and the waitress didn't really understand what I was saying so ..... let's leave it at that ... Yes I was frustrated! I had gone all the way down and they didn't have the things I really felt like eating .... Poor Satellite had to deal with my childishness and my walking off to look for another restaurant .... Yes I can get quite rude at times ....

So low and behold, we went to fish tales cause I knew I can get oysters there! Anyway, well what do you know ... Monday's is special for lobster .... my lil crustacean friend .... yummmy .... and finally finally it was from BOSTON and I didn't have to chop off my arm to pay for it!!!

So Satellite and I shared a half dozen "nude" oysters, crab cake (wah it was huge!) and of course my BOSTON LOBBY .... STEAMED not BAKED! I don't know why but so many people mess things up when they bake it .... Oh and of course oysters goes with Bubbly, so we tried a bottle of bubbly, Odette Pol-Roger. It was nice, no wonder Winston Churchill was a long time customer...

Seriously though, 1 crab cake can be considered a meal there for those of you that don't eat much ... The lobby had a lemon butter which I didn't quite like, so I asked them to just give me some plain melted butter .... I feel that's the best way to eat it. Oh yah, and I forgot to take the pic of the lobby ... I was too excited to eat the darn thing ... so here's the mega huge crab cake!

As usual my photos suck ... gotta get a real camera sooner or later!

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